Easter Sunday at Barton Marina

HEY. YOU. LOOK DOWN THERE. JUST A LITTLE BIT. AT THE END OF THIS PARAGRAPH. That’s a vlog. I’ve never done a vlog before. It’s a bit shaky and messy, but I don’t think it’s too bad for a first attempt, right? I wasn’t really ever intending on ‘doing YouTube’, and I still don’t reckon it’ll be a huge part of my ‘online life’, but I wanted to give it a go from time to time.

Watched it now? Good.

I actually really enjoyed doing it, and definitely want to dabble a bit more in the world of video content. I may not be a ‘pro-Youtuber’ with fancy editing software and expertise, and I’ll always be a words and pictures girl at heart. But I plan to use video more to complement what I’m posting online. Maybe the odd weekly vlog? And definitely some stuff while I’m in America. Let me know what you want to see!

Barton Marina colourful narrowboatsBarton Marina Burton upon Trent canal boats

As you might have gathered from my vlog (I’m hoping you’ve watched it by now. If not, please scroll up and give me views so I don’t feel like an internet pariah), I hopped aboard the train to Nottingham, narrowly missing Erica‘s visit. I met up with Ma and Pa at the station, who drove me to my brother’s house to a) pick him up and b) give me the chance to nosy about his new flat. He pays less than I do for a half share of a one-bed flat, for a two-bed by himself. London rents can most certainly get in the canal.

We had about a half hour drive, where I saw more green things than I think I see in a week in London, and arrived at Barton Marina, where my parents’ narrowboat is moored. It’s a lovely little place – almost like a small village, but with lotsa boats instead of houses. They have a pub/restaurant, coffee shop, bakery, little shops, a cinema…basically, everything you need, just a short walk across the jetty.

Barton Marina day out Burton upon TrentBarton Marina boat interior decoration porthole

One of the big reasons for the day is that I wanted to check out my parents’ boat – I’d seen their old one, but since they upgraded I haven’t actually had the chance to visit. It’s a lot bigger and nicer than their original boat, and although small inside, it’s lovely and cosy. I could totally see me spending a summer weekend chilling out here (hey Dad, can I borrow the boat please?)

I loved the way they’ve added little personal touches – like the porthole cover that was made by a friend of my Mum’s, and lots of nautical touches. Including an anchor-shaped barometer I picked up as a present for them in Salou, and, of course, blue and white striped bedding!

After we’d had a look around and I’d opened up some early birthday pressies (GIIIIN!), we headed back over to The Waterfront pub and restaurant for lunch. And what a lunch it was…

The Waterfront Barton Marina Restaurant Bubble and SqueakThe Waterfront Barton Marina Restaurant Ham Hock TerrineThe Waterfront Barton Marina Restaurant Prawn Cocktail

For my starter, I went for the Bubble and Squeak – Hollandaise Sauce and a Poached Egg, with a Pancetta Crisp on top. HELLO. Can you say brunch porn much? Such Instagram. And as well as looking rather nice, it tasted VERY nice – the egg was poached to perfection, and the Hollandaise sauce was beautiful, offering great flavour without overpowering the rest of the dish. And the pancetta crisp? A whole pile of YUM.

Mum and bro opted for the Ham Hock Terrine and, as usual, I managed to steal a bit to try (because isn’t that the point of ordering different dishes?). I can report that it was equally tasty – the terrine fell apart just enough when sliced into, the ham soft and  the red onion chutney complemented it pretty perfectly.

Dad decided to get a bit classic, and went for the Traditional Prawn Cocktail. I didn’t snaffle any of this one, but HOW awesome is the presentation? And he finished the whole thing off pretty quickly, so I could tell it was enjoyed.

The Waterfront Barton Marina Sunday RoastThe Waterfront Barton Marina restaurant Fish and ChipsThe Waterfront restaurant Barton Marina Sunday Roast

My main came in the form of cod and chips – when you’re by the boats, it seems kinda fitting to eat something that comes from the water, right? The cod portion was impressively sized, with thick, crispy batter encasing the soft cod. The chips were upmarket, chip shop style and quite thick, well cooked and tasty. I couldn’t actually manage the whole plate, but I seriously enjoyed it.

Everyone other than me chose the classic Sunday Roast for their main, and LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THOSE YORKSHIRES. If my fish and chips hadn’t been so great, I would have been jealous – especially when my brother stated that it was the ‘best beef he’d ever had’.

The Waterfront Barton Marina restaurant Chocolate TorteThe Waterfront Barton Marina Lemon Tart

Although I loved the sound of the Dark Chocolate Torte, I’m not the hugest fan of Rum and Raisin Ice Cream – so I asked for Coconut instead. The torte was wonderfully rich, the ideal size and made even tastier by the hazelnut crunch. Which was basically the inside of a Crunchie Bar. Which pretty much made this a Crunchie and Bounty infused chocolate torte. Which is pretty awesome.

Barton Marina Burton upon Trent narrowboats

The four of us rarely get together much, so even though the weather wasn’t great it was fantastic to have a family day out. I laughed til I cried, ate amazing food and got to see ALL THE BOATS. What more could you want from your Easter Sunday?