Life | Things I’ve Loved This Week (and a bit)

I’m currently sitting in my PJs on the sofa watching Conor play FarCry, procrastinating from tidying the house. Which I really should do, as my parents are rocking up at midday with lunch in tow, so we probably need some plates, right? We’ve already had a visit this morning from a (very muddy) Boris – the dog, not the mayor. BoJo doesn’t often turn up at our door. Anyway, myself and my mum are off to see Matilda The Musical this afternoon, and then the four of us are off for lunch at The Punchbowl (a competition win!) this evening.

I haven’t done one of these posts in a little while now – life has, quite frankly, been getting in the way. I’ve been working really hard, both at my day job and a couple of other projects, and quite a few of the things I’ve been up to have been so amazing they warrant full blog posts to do them justice. However, here are some of the other awesome snippets from life lately…

Bubbleology Notting Hill Bubble Tea png

Bubble Tea with Yelp

I really do like Bubble Tea and nice people. And both were present at the Yelp March New Elite night. Okay, I was new Elite last month but I missed my Bubbleology event, so it was great to get involved with this one. Although the night was quite busy, we were able to move around the venue freely so it didn’t feel overcrowded.

Trying out the different varieties of Bubble Tea was awesome – although I’m a fan of the fruity ones, I’d never tried a milk-based one. Bubbleology’s Cookies and Cream is SO GOOD though – basically tastes like milkshake! I ended up grabbing a Mango for my full size tea at the end, the perfect refreshing drink for sunny days. When they actually hurry up and get here…

Watching Gordon Ramsay Get Sweary

Okay, I’m addicted to Hell’s Kitchen right now. The latest season has just hit Netflix and we’ve been powering our way through it. An American output, it’s insanely over the top but I love watching Gordon Ramsay get his swear on at daft people, basically. If you’re looking for something a bit different to the usual dramas on Netflix, give it a whirl.

Seafood Linguine at The Fable restaurant

Lunch at The Fable

This week I had a free Wednesday, so met an old friend, Emily, who now works in the city, and her colleague from Golin PR, Rochelle. They kindly took me for lunch at The Fable – somewhere I’ve wanted to go for a while now after hearing lovely things about the venue and food.

Spread over three floors, The Fable is a modern restaurant with a fairytale theme. I was expecting the fairytale theme to be quite in-your-face and EVERYWHERE. But instead, the contemporary feel of the restaurant combined with the touches of fairytale sweetness creates a really lovely place to eat – and the floor to ceiling windows fill the rooms with light.

After checking out the impressive-sounding dishes on the menu, I chose the Seafood Linguine – featuring prawn, squid and mussels in a creamy sauce. It was AMAZING, and definitely tasted as good as it looked. The sauce was beautiful, the pasta perfect and I loved the tastes of the different types of seafood.

Cadburys Easter

Early Easter Goodies

Speaking of the Golin PR team, they super-awesomely hooked me up with some Cadbury’s Easter Goodies to enjoy. Best ever. The Egg and Spoons are an absolute dream, and packets will be making their way into my house in the run-up to Easter for sure. Also – how cute are the little bunnies?!

Guest Posting on a Fave Blog
The wonderful Sophia who runs Tattooed Tealady blog has been a friend of mine for a while (including gossipy chats at Nandos and Download hangouts), so it was an honour to be asked to guest post for her. She’s just had a gorgeous little baba called Willow (BUFFY NAMING WINS EVERYTHING) and needed some bloggers to help her out keeping Tattooed Tealady active. Check out my guest post on my all time favourite things right here!

Love Food Hate Waste Canapes

Sustainable Cooking with Love Food Hate Waste

Okay, this is actually from last week but I really wanted to share it. Sometimes at work I get to organise some pretty cool things. Last week, I organised some cooking workshops with Love Food Hate Waste, to highlight issues with food waste and teach students (and staff) how to cook sustainably and reduce leftovers.

And, me being super excited about anything to do with food, I obviously joined in one of the sessions. We made some amazing things from really basic ingredients that usually get thrown out – especially stale bread. The little cup above is filled with a tasty carrot, swede and apple slaw – and the bread itself has a naan-like taste. We also made some AMAZING Apple Charlotte desserts, which I could eat again and again and are super cheap and easy to do!

It’s definitely made me think twice about the amount of food waste we produce at home – I’ve always wanted to get better at cooking with leftovers, and LFHW have definitely helped out with that.

What have you guys loved this week?

  • I’d love to try bubble tea one day =]

    • I definitely advise it, really tasty and refreshing!

  • OMG ALL the chocolate looks amazing 🙂

    • So very good (and it’s pretty much all gone already…whoops!)

  • Cadbury eggs are the best – straight from the fridge. There’s something about them that is like crack to me!

    • Ahh I never put mine in the fridge, I like them slightly melty! Definitely a very loved choice though!

  • Rhian Westbury

    How was Matilda? I really want to see it! I always put off cleaning if there is pretty much anything else which can be done! x

  • Fashion Du Jour LDN

    Wow! You’ve had/having such a fab week! I’ve wanted to go to The Fable for ages, so it’s lovely to hear its gotten a big thumbs up. Loving your Love Food Hate Waste workshops too – think these sound so necessary. Hope you enjoy Matilda!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x

  • Ahh! I absolutely love Bubble tea! It’s like a little piece of heaven in a cup. I also understand your Hell’s Kitchen addiction .. have you watched Master Chef Junior?! No swearing in that one but it’s amazing! You can easily find it on youtube.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Ree / Coffee with Ree

  • Yay sounds like an awesome week. I actually have an office really near Fable so we always end up there and it’s always really good. Glad you enjoyed! 🙂

    Jasmin Charlotte