Weekend Wishlist 20.02.16 | Spring Things

Floral Tea Dress, George @ ASDA, £12 // Denim Skirt, H&M, £19.99 // Large PU Backpack, Topshop, £34 //  Taylor Palm Silver Leather shoes, Clarks, £45 // Leopard Print Ankle Boots, H&M, £29.99 // Grey Saddle Bag, Oasis, £35 //  Leopard Print Blouse, £59, Kaleidoscope

SPRING IS COMING. Despite what the current weather would lead us to believe. Honestly, it’s nearly here. And spring, like any other season/month/random occurence is totally the perfect time for a wardrobe update. I’ve been trawling through the web, adding things to my ‘wishlist’ bookmarks folder and here are some of my new spring wardrobe ideas!

I saw Erica during the week and immediately had a squeal over her adorable sparkly silver shoes. Comfy can totally be cool. Clarks, who’d have guessed? And on the subject of shoes, I feel like I’m totally due a pair of leopard print boots like these ones from H&M.

A leopard print blouse has also been on my hitlist for a while. Yeah, I like leopard print. I’m currently wearing a leopard print dressing gown I’ve had for about six years. The Kaleidoscope blouse is a bit on the *pricey* side, but I totally want it regardless. Recently I’ve been enjoying shirts tucked into a black bodycon skirt, they totally make me feel like a badass boss woman and ready to conquer the world. Or, at least, the Central line.

Also during this week, I borrowed one of Conor’s backpacks to take my laptop to work. I’ve never really been a backpack kinda person. Mainly due to paranoia when I’m in busy places that someone will slide their hand in without me noticing and steal my camera/purse/assorted tampons and lipsticks. But I really enjoyed not feeling weighed down with a backpack, and now want a stylish one of my own. Enter Topshop. This one looks big enough to keep all my bits and bobs in, and will go with pretty much anything in my wardrobe.

Obviously, because it’s me, there’s gotta be some kind of floral dress in there. £12 from George? AMAZING. It’s got all the things I like – black, florals and sleeves – and is just such a total bargain that I might not even need to wait til payday.

What are your spring wardrobe essentials?

  • Deborah Nicholas

    oh that dress is too cute and that shirt is fab, i think im past the stage i can wear it and look trendy though – more like dorian from birds of a feather! haha

    • Aw I’m sure you could totally work it! 🙂

  • Hollie B

    I’m loving those shoes and boots. Roll on Spring I say!

  • Rhian Westbury

    I can’t believe the dress is from Asda, I might need to have a nosy at their website x

    • I love George, some of my fave wardrobe bits are from there!

  • MyLifeAsAMummy

    I really love the Floral Tea Dress! Would be perfect over leggings for spring!

    Laura x x x

    • Exactly! It’s so cute 🙂

  • my shoes! yaaaaaay! i’m a style icon!