New Alternative Style @ London Edge

Over the weekend (which felt even shorter than usual, I swear), I met up with Emma and we popped to London Edge, the alternative fashion trade show. Lately I’ve been feeling a little lost with my personal style. I don’t have much to spend on clothes I love, as I’m saving for travel and eating ALL THE FOOD, but London Edge has given me a new found interest in populating my wardrobe with the cutest things. This is mostly pictures because LOOK AT ALL THE THINGS, but there are also some words on why I particularly like these lovely things.


Fun Prints from Syd and MallorySyd and Mallory dressesSyd and Mallory are an independent label from Sheffield with a folky/grunge/punk feel to their pieces. I was magnetically drawn to their sun and moon print designed dresses – particularly the grey and yellow one, which I definitely need to pick up before summer hits. Can totally see festival goers getting style snapped all over the shop this summer if they’re wearing these.

Care Bear Heels from Iron Fist
Iron Fist Care Bear ShoesOkay, I admit, I would NEVER be able to walk in these and the current state of my (work in progress) wardrobe means they don’t really go with much. But heck, are they adorable. Iron Fist have always been a brand I’ve coveted, from the early days of wandering Norwich Market for fun, alternative wear for a night at the Waterfront drinking cider and black. THOSE WERE THE DAYS.

Unicorns from Tallulah’s Threads
Tallulahs Threads Pink Glittery Unicorn Dress
I’m currently frantically shifting through my wardrobe for things to throw on eBay so I can get my mitts on this glittery pink unicorn dress from Tallulah’s Threads. SO CUTE. We had a great chat with the girls on the stall, and they’re totally ones to watch popping up on a fashion blog (and, y’know, this blog) near you soon.

Ouija and Lace from Rat Baby @ Too Fast
Rat Baby Ouija dressBasically, I really like things that are either goth/grunge with a girly feel or girly with a goth/grunge feel. But thanks to having committed myself to a life that consists of lots of office working, I indulge a lot less in some of the things I’d LOVE to wear. This dress, which I found at the Too Fast stall, is most definitely totally one of those things.

Every year, they bring out a different design on this dress and last year’s Wednesday Addams dress proved to be really popular. The lace collar drew me in, and the fit and design of the whole dress just makes me want it even more. And cap sleeves? Such love.

I loved having a nose around at London Edge and rifling through rails of wonderful things. And it’s also made me think a lot about my own personal style status at the moment. Right now, it’s not where I want it to be, at all. I mean, I have lots of things in my wardrobe I like wearing, and go-to’s that make me feel better when I’ve eaten a zillion carbs and feel vaguely like a human-shaped football.

But, I also want to embrace some more fun, quirky outfits. Despite not having much disposable income, I want to spend a bit more on pieces I ADORE wearing, that make me happy and feel, well, like ME. I don’t have a lot to spend on clothes, so when I do buy things, I want to buy things that make me HAPPY. Which is what clothes should do, right?

Watch this space.

  • Clothes should always make you happy! I went home last night and sorted out my wardrobe so I could ebay half of it and buy some of the things we saw yesterday. Thanks for being my buddy for the day.

    Emma Inks

  • SO much cute stuff here, gutted I missed yesterday

  • wow these are soo rad. i love the carebears on heels & unicorns on shirt