Yelp Elite at Melt Room

Back in January, a message popped into my email that filled me with quite a lot of excitement. I’d just been invited into Yelp‘s Elite gang. SCORE. If you don’t know what Yelp is – and it’s pretty damn awesome – think reviews of any business, restaurant and bar you could imagine, with a community vibe and an incredibly helpful app.

Yelp Elites are the members that contribute to the site and community the most, and as a reward get invited to special Elite events that seem to often involve free food and lovely people. Sold. I actually only started Yelp-ing seriously back in Oct/Nov last year, so to be invited into the inner circle was pretty ace.

After only just having been to my first EVER Yelp event the night before, I went to my first Yelp Elite night last Friday – hosted at Melt Room in Soho. On arrival, I realised they didn’t actually have enough chairs, so I hopped up on the end table, overlooking everyone like a cheese-based queen and feeling tall. That doesn’t happen very often.

Melt Room Salted Beef Best Toasties in London

My first taste of Melt Room’s tasty treats was the Salt Beef sandwich. It. Was. Epic. Oozing with cheese, tasty salt beef and a healthy serving of mustard, I wolfed my half down quicker than you can say ‘easy peasy, super cheesy’. Well, almost. I also tried the chorizo and bacon toasties, as well as their dessert-based ones. Unfortunately they’d run out of Nutella so I only got a small bite of that one – but it was delicious. More next time plz.

Melt Room London

We also had a speech about Melt Room from lovely staff member Fred. Seriously one of the most adorable humans I’ve ever encountered. Just 19, he’s only been in the UK for two months but gave one of the loveliest, engaging speeches I’ve heard. Honestly, I wish I was as enthusiastic about anything in life as he is about cheese toasties.

Despite not really knowing anyone before heading along, Yelpers are a friendly bunch. We were chatting away quickly, and it was great to meet some new people – something it can be pretty tough to do in London sometimes. And discovering new places to eat is another great thing about Yelp – I loved Melt Room’s offerings and will definitely be popping back to eat there when I’m next in the area!


  • Frankie |

    I think everyone should be enthusiastic about cheese toasties. Cheese toasties are life. x

  • Esther James

    My mouth is watering, these look absolutely delicious. Never under estimate the power of a cheese toastie!

  • fashion-mommy

    That salt beef sandwich sounds just gorgeous, totally up my street.