Four Ways To Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Minds out of the gutter, ladies and gents, I ain’t talking about THAT kind of loving yourself (although obviously if you’re feeling in need a bit of special-time with your number one self, I’m totally pro-that too). Valentine’s Day tends to split opinion – you’re single and hate it, single and don’t care, loved up and rolling around in rose petals, loved up and don’t care. FYI, I fall mostly into the latter camp, but do go out for dinner because I take any chance I get to put food in my mouth and drink extra wine. But whatever way you look at THAT February date, any excuse for showing some love towards the greatest person in your life (yes, I mean YOU) needs to not go amiss.

Dress to impress (yourself in the mirror)
Whether you’re heading off for a swanky date or getting tanked with your girl gang in a dive bar during happy hour, wearing something that makes you feel hotter than Beyonce in a sauna is pretty much guaranteed to make you feel super ace. If you’re staying in at home and chilling with yourself and some Netflix? Get dressed up anyway, drink lots of wine and practice your dance moves. I have most definitely done this and it’s totally hilarious.

Treat yo’self
Buy yourself something NICE. Not necessary, not something you need, but just something you really really want. Whether it’s a lipstick or a bundle of cute stationery, treat yourself to something pretty and stare at it with a soppy grin on your face. THAT’S some love, right there.

Obviously, New Look is fab for pretty much EVERYTHING, and that includes the perfect V-Day essentials. Need some inspiration? Here are some bits that make me do heart emoji eyes…

New Look Valentines Day

Smell fabulous
I dunno if it’s just me, but when I get a new perfume I spend a lot of time just sniffing myself. Sometimes on the tube, which probably makes me look a bit odd. But smelling nice for just for the sake of me is pretty ace. So pick up your fave perfume, have a spray and sniff away. Just, maybe not on the tube.

Take a bed day
If all else fails, spending a day in bed is an *excellent* option and one I fully recommend. Pick up some cosy PJs, binge-watch some favourite or new movies and order a huge, cheesy pizza. Honestly, sometimes when I spend all day in bed I can feel guilty – but actually taking time to properly relax is a human necessity. You’ll wake up the next day feeling refreshed, happy and ready to hit the shops to buy loads of reduced Valentine’s chocs to stuff your face with. Because the 15th is a Monday, and we need all the help we can get, eh?

*I was kindly given some nice treats from New Look in return for this post – words and a big-time belief in self-love, all mine.