Review | Dar Marrakech, Stratford

Dar Marrakech Stratford Moroccan LampshadeDar Marrakech Moroccan restaurant

Yep, more food. I swear these days I eat more out than I do at home (apart from my Big Mac Spag Bol which was ridiculously epic). Browsing through restaurants in nearby Stratford on the Tastecard app, I found Dar Marrakech, and having never really done Moroccan/Lebanese grub before, decided to give it a shot.

Entering through the ornate (and also pretty heavy) doors, I was bowled over by the decor. No plain white walls or identikit furnishings here – the team have managed to create a fabulous Moroccan atmosphere with drapings, lights, amazingly patterned plates which I NEED in my house…you get the idea.

We were sat at a table that had one chair and a section of booth. Thanks to the booth being lower than the chairs and me always demanding to sit on the comfiest seats, I had to pop a cushion under myself to actually reach the table booster seat style…but it was a comfy as heck cushion, at least.

Dar Marrakech Calimari Halloumi starters

As we were using Tastecard for 50% off the bill, we weren’t too worried about spends, so opted for a full three course meal and a bottle of house white. For starters, we went for a few faves – halloumi in pitta bread and calimari. The halloumi was PERFECT – like, the kind of level I wish I could cook halloumi to at home. The calimari was also great, well cooked, and both were good sized starter portions with plenty of salad to help you feel at least a little bit healthy while stuffing your face.

Dar Marrakech Butterfly Prawns

I totally forget that prawns live in shells, and had a bit of a shock when my Butterfly Prawn main dish (yeah, clue’s in the name really…) arrived fully shelled up. Argh. Thankfully, I managed to de-shell with minimum seafood-based casualties other than the prawn that decided to make a break for it and settled on the restaurant floor. And the meaty bits themselves were very tasty – although it was the harissa sauce that really stole the dish for me. So very good and just the right amount of spicy, especially mixed all up in the rice. Yum.

We decided to hit up dessert too, getting some ice cream and baklava. Which I always accidentally call balaclava. I don’t usually wear desserts on my head. I’m not normally that fussed on baklava but this one was actually epic, and I wolfed it down incredibly quickly.

Dar Marrakech offers up some brilliant Moroccan and Lebanese food in London, and the venue decor makes the evening feel a bit special. 100% would go back – but I’ll probably opt for the less messy seabass next time…

  • I didn’t know there was anywhere other than chains in Stratford this looks ace!

    • Same! I really liked it, would definitely go back and it’s in a convenient location from my new flat too!

  • Serena Reidy

    Halloumi and calamari are my faves! Looks like a great restaurant!