Budget Adventure Travel: Short Guided Trips

Last weekend I had a mosey on down to London’s Adventure Travel Show, and despite feeling WAY more overcrowded and a bit like a University Freshers’ Fair than when I visited the Telegraph Travel Show, I found some great ideas and inspo for future travels. One of the issues I have with travelling is that I’m not someone who can just pick up and go away for more than around two weeks. Because a) I only have limited holiday time thanks to that pesky ‘having a full time job’ business and b) I’m usually pretty skint. Therefore, budget adventure travel trips that pack lots into a relatively short time are usually on my mind. I discovered some great options through a few of the tour companies I met at the Adventure Travel show, all of which come in under or around £500 (not including flights though, boo). Get packing right now.

Tucan Travel – Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam

Angkor Wat Cheap Adventure TravelTucan Travel offer a range of budget expeditions aimed at the 18-35 group, that take you all over Asia, Africa and South America from anywhere between 8 and 199 days. Yeah, I think I’d struggle getting that time off work for THAT one…but the shorter trips have some fabulous destinations to jet off too, at affordable prices. In fact, I’m now planning to book in their Wat’s Up Cambodia trip before the year is out. Starting in Bangkok, travelling through Cambodia and finally ending in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Min City. For a total of £279, you get yourself seven nights in hotels and hostels with breakfast included, as well as transport across the three countries covered. Pretty sweet.

Faralong – India’s Golden Triangle

Taj Mahal India budget travelIndia is somewhere we’ve discussed as a potential 2017 trip, and Faralong’s Golden Triangle tour seems like a great way to dip a toe into the Indian experience, covering three of the major Indian destinations: Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. A new booking engine, the unique thing about Faralong is that prices drop as more people book onto the tours – even if you’ve already signed up for a trip, it’ll cost even less if others join. The most you’ll pay for the cheapest date on this tour is €500 (approx. £378, give or take the currency market), going down to a minimum of €420 (£317ish) if the trip fills up. And if you sign up, you can get €50 towards your booking – and up to a further €50 if you get other people involved too.

Rug & Rock Adventures – Morocco & The Sahara Desert

Trans-Saharan Caravan Adventure

For something a bit closer to home but still worlds away, Rug & Rock offer sustainable small-group travelling in and around the Morocco area. I’ve been really tempted by their Trans-Saharan Caravan Adventure, a six day trip that retraces the steps of the ancient Saharan trade routes. The trip starts off in one of my top ‘to visit’ destinations, Marrakech, and heads out into the Sahara. With the chance to camel trek through the desert, get to know local life and sleep under the stars, this one sounds pretty magical – and starts from just £350.

Images courtesy of freeimages.com and company websites.

  • Oh I would love to go to all of those places! The Thailand and Cambodia trip sounds amazing!

    • I know right? So hoping I can afford it this year!

  • Awesome post, I would never have thought you could get short trips to destinations like those for such a low price. I’m totally looking into this further!

    • I’m surprised too! If I can find cheap flights, it’ll be a steal!

  • Rhian Westbury

    I did a Marakkech and Sahara tour over New Year with Exodus and that was amazing! Good luck if you do go to Cambodia, i’ll definitely be checking out Tucan Travel x

    • Oh that sounds amazing! Thanks, it’s definitely up there with the almost-firm travel plans I have now!!

  • I’ve been looking at cheap travel as well and lastminute.com looks really good – I’m planning on Budapest for a few days and it is as cheap as £99 for four nights. I’m definitely going to have a nose at these websites for travel around Asia though – thanks!


    • Aw I’d love to go to Budapest – £99 for four nights is incredible! Will have to check out lastminute for deals as well, hoping to get a city break in at some point too 🙂

  • La French Connection

    That’s excellent! I love travelling and I’ll definitely have a look at the websites. Do you know Lucky Trip? It’s an app that finds flights and accommodation within the budget you’ve fixed. Really nice offers there!

    Mika | http://www.la-french-connection.com

    • I haven’t heard of it, but thanks for the tip off – will definitely check it out! 🙂