Life | Four Fun Things I’ve Done This Week

1. Went charity shop bargain hunting
I love me a good charity shop, although sometimes it totally feels like everything in there is hideous/the wrong size/only good for the costume cupboard. I managed to pick up a pretty decent haul though. For starters, £20 for this amazing coat. IT’S TOPSHOP. I have to re-sew one of the buttons but defo a small price to pay for something that woulda been £50 new. Although I probably wouldn’t have even been able to get it new because it’s probs from a past season anyway. The fit is incredible, and anything grey is so totally my jam.

I also managed to find a dress for A POUND in another charity shop. A POUND. Casually having a nosy at the sale rail, I spotted a flowery pattern and had to discover more. And I tried it on. And did a little jig. Because it was beautiful. And did I mention, A POUND.

As well as clothes, I’ve also grabbed a few books. 211 Things A Bright Girl Can Do looks super fun and sassy and SO PINK. I also picked up one of my usual go-tos, a crime thriller called Five Days To Die by Katia Lief, which I’m looking forward to getting my nose into on a tube journey very soon.

2. Experienced (almost) not drinking at Strada

Strada Tomato Bruschetta
Thursday night saw a visit to Strada at More London, to have a little chat about their Dry January drinks range and taste some of their menu offerings. Um, yes please. I managed to get on the Hammersmith and City line instead of the District (same platform, this happens more than I’d care to mention), but I ended up arriving in time for a glass of fizz (the ‘real’ stuff) and ready to fill my face.

Over the past month Strada have been offering a range of alcohol-free drinks in support of Alcohol Concern‘s Dry January. I’ve never done a January (or actually, any month…or week…) without the boozy stuff before but I was pretty impressed with their prosecco substitute – very sweet and looks like the real thing, so if you’re nursing a the Darth Vader of hangovers and can’t handle the hard stuff, you wouldn’t have people constantly asking who the father is.

As much as I’m very much a gin’n’wine kinda girl, I feel for non-drinkers who are basically stuck with either Diet Coke or a tantalising glass of tap water (hoo-ray!), so it’s great that Strada have done this. Despite my affinity with the pub and I’ve seen how heartbreaking it can be for people who’ve struggled with people they love suffering when booze becomes a problem. Rather than something social and jolly that leaves you falling asleep on the night bus and left in Walthamstow dressed as Snow White having a cry because you’ve only lived in London two months and you’re very bloody lost. In Walthamstow. HELP. Buy yes, Alcohol Concern is a charity I really do appreciate the ethos behind, which is why it’s brilliant that Strada raised over £13k for Alcohol Concern in January, which is pretty epic. Congrats guys! I raise my glass (of Cherry Pepsi Max) to you.

As well as the drinks, there was also plenty to eat including blogger-friendly avocado topped bruschetta, yummy mini desserts and Arancini cheesy rice balls. Which were AMAZING. I’ve never been to a Strada before, but the More London venue has an absolutely epic view out over the Thames and Tower Bridge and I’ve already planned to head back for date night super soon.

2. Embraced being a twentysomething 
Maverick London Pizza and Cocktails

On Friday night, I met up with some ultimate babes for pizza and cocktails at Maverick London. Unfortunately, the service wasn’t great and the poor waitress was clearly struggling in a situation where they seemed VERY short staffed – but the food itself was super tasty. And the cocktails…YES PLEASE. Friday nights and 2-for-1 cocktails are so made for each other.

After we’d finished up, we headed to St James’ Theatre for the reason we were all out and about, to see the incredible Katie Brennan perform her one-woman show, Twentysomething: The Quarter Life Cabaret. KB is someone I’ve chatted to on WhatsApp on a pretty much daily basis since mid-November last year but shockingly have never actually met.

So my first impression ‘in real life’ was listening to her sing about bad sex and blow jobs when her dad was in the room. The best kind of impression, really. Hers of me involved panic-shouting ‘YOU’RE AMAZING! I’VE NEVER MET YOU BUT YOU’RE AMAZING’ like a crazed fangirl (obviously I am though) at her when she emerged from a nearby toilet during the interval. First impressions are totally my forte.

Most of the other girls had already seen the show so I was expecting something amazing, but I was still blown away by how bloody talented she is. Seriously. West End-worthy voice, whip-smart, funny and hilarious, while also completely ‘getting’ the feel of the being a twentysomething in London and the massive WTF that is most of our lives, most of the time. It’s pretty impossible to describe how great and ‘not alone’ and wonderful it all made me feel. From nearly falling off my chair at Carrie Bradshaw observations to bawling at the final encore number, I feel ridiculously honoured to have this girl in my friendship group. And seriously looking forward to hanging out lots more in the very near future. With gin.

P.S She’s got another show in March and if you’re a twentysomething, or a woman, or not a twentysomething, or not a woman, or just basically if you’re a person with any kind of emotions YOU NEED TO GO.

4. Got a haircut

You know that thing where you’re supposed to get your hair cut every six weeks or whatever? Who can ACTUALLY afford to do that? Not surprisingly, it’s been about a year since I got my last haircut. Other than trimming it myself when I’ve had two (big) glasses of wine and swearing at the scissors as it’s definitely them that caused my dreadful wonky fringe. BASTARD SCISSORS.

I found myself a local salon, The Beauty Lounge E11, because I basically don’t like going very far unless I have to. I spotted a deal on Treatwell (used to be Wahanda, so totally didn’t realise they’d changed their name, when did this happen?!), and it ended up costing me £34 – still priceyyy, but I figured as it might be another year til I get my next one, I should get something good. My hairdresser, Lana, was lovely and friendly and a proper perfectionist when it came to getting my hair right.

Side note though – why do hairdressers like to curl my hair all the time? It looks totally cute in pictures but in real life curly hair doesn’t do me favours AT ALL, but every time I go for the chop they seem to decide I need to leave the salon in a state of glamour. When actually, all I’m doing is going home, putting on my boyfriend’s robe and vegging out with Netflix and writing words for the internet.

Other than the curling incident though, it was a good cut and now I feel refreshed and fabulous and ready to walk down the street flicking my hair like I’m in a Beyonce vid. Starring as Beyonce.

HAVE AN AWESOME SUNDAY, and tell me about the cool things you’ve done in the comments plz.

  • Lukeosaurus And Me

    Oh man, it sounds like you’ve had a really fun week. I definitely need to get my bum into gear and do more…stuff. Say yes to opportunities and the usual. Congratulations on the charity shop haul! Ray x

    • Do it! I’m sometimes quite selective about saying yes to things and I feel that I chose well this week, haha!

  • Jazmin Williams

    My mother is such a charity shop hoarder, she would have loved to have gone with you! Plus, I love your hair <3

    • It’s addictive I swear. The ones round where I’ve moved to seem to be pretty good so far!

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    I loved Twentysomething and so good to meet you that night!

    • You too! Glad you enjoyed it as well 🙂

  • Sounds like you’ve had such a fun week! Can’t believe the bargains you got – I NEED to get into charity shop-shopping!!Xx

    • It’s sometimes rubbish, but when you find a proper bargain it feels AMAZING!

  • Sophie

    Ah you really have had such a fun week! What bargain you found in a charity shop – you lucky thing!
    A Story of a Girl

  • Ciara Bottrell

    I love a good charity bargain! You sound like you’ve had a great week.


  • Sounds like you had a great week, you can’t go wrong with a bargain and great food! 🙂

    • You most definitely can’t! Thanks for the comment!

  • I loved this post and I now love your blog – you have a new fan! I’m overdue a charity shop haul myself, can’t wait to get rummaging 🙂

    Teri-May xx

    • Aw thankyou, that’s lovely! Do it, get in there and have a good old go-through of it all!

  • Love the hair! I’ve never been lucky in charity shops 🙁

    L xx

    • Thanks! I rarely find that much in them, but love it when I do!

  • IN LOVE WITH THE NEW ‘DO! It’s absolutely stunning. I can’t quite believe what you found in the charity shops, I always love a good rummage too! You can find some amazing bargains.
    Bee |

    • THANKYOU! It’s shorter than I wanted but v. happy with it in general!

  • Gorgeous photos, and love your hair! <3

  • Charity shop shopping is one of my favourite things, even when I can’t find something, I still like to marvel at some of the things that people have donated. I find that limiting to shopping to charity shops is a great way to not acquire stuff too, so the rewards are two-fold: a great bargain, or extra pennies in my purse.

    ~ K