Winter Sun Holiday Wanderlust

From my current location, I’m gazing across sprawling beaches. Beautiful palm trees, sparkling oceans and stunning landscapes lay before me like a paradise postcard. Then, looking away from my computer screen and out of the window, I take in the gloom of weekday-evening London, where dusk is quickly falling despite the fact I haven’t even eaten my dinner yet. Reality’s back.

But the idea of taking a sun-drenched break from the good old British weather is now firmly lodged in my mind – especially after checking out Alpharooms’ infographic on the perfect formula for a winter sun holiday. And these would be some of my top destinations to head to…

Gran Canaria

The Canary Islands are definitely a top choice for some winter rays – flights taking around four hours from the UK, they’re easy-peasy to get to and offer amazing temperatures pretty much all year round. The ‘mini continent’ of Gran Canaria has pretty much everything you need for a holiday – including brilliant beaches lined with palm trees to make sure your holiday snaps bring the envy with those back home.

There are loads of great places to explore if you can tear yourself away from the sunlounger – particularly within the historic Vegueta district, packed with museums featuring art, history and heritage. Less ‘cheap and cheerful’ seeming than some of the well-known Spanish party resorts, there’s tons to do if you’re that way inclined – and equally, it’s a wonderful place to do nothing but soak up the sun and atmosphere. And drink cocktails, obviously.


The average temperature in December in Bali? 27 degrees. That’s hotter than pretty much every day during those fleeting moments that we Brits call summer. Take that, layering! To me, Bali jumps out from the Instagram shots of my most envied holidaying friends and shouts LUXURY from the top of its metaphorical lungs. Well, apart from the fact that if Bali was a person it would be far too chilled to actually shout anything.

Bali is highly regarded by spa lovers and their Balinese massage technique is something I’d love to try out. The country’s focus on well-being also including some of the finest yoga retreats in the world. With beautiful views, infinity pools and that gorgeous blue sea, it seems like an amazingly relaxing place to be with jaw-droppingly beautiful sights – a holiday of a lifetime.


When I was younger, I mostly just thought of Tenerife as a place next door’s parents took their kids for a cheap and cheerful school holiday jaunt. But as it turns out, there’s way more than just sunburn and sangria on offer (mind you, I do really rather like sangria). As well as the traditional tourist traps, delving deeper into the island uncovers a world of hidden coves and majestic hiking trails – including Mount Teide, the world’s third largest volcano.

If you’re more into thrills and spills than taking a hike, Siam Park also looks incredible – giant slides and incredible theming make it one of the most awe-inspiring water parks I’ve seen. With a range of activities for all types of traveller, Tenerife definitely has more to offer than just the classic ‘Brits abroad’ holiday.



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For somewhere a little different to the classic resort’n’pool experience, I’d love to head a little further afield to the Malaysian archipelago of Langkawi. With its ‘dry season’ taking place from December until February, it’d be a great destination to head to during the winter months.

Being a cluster of islands means that Langkawi offers a huge variation in scenery and attractions, with loads to explore and lots to try out. Well-known for its fantastic local delicacies and wonderful Malay and Chinese cuisine, there’s plenty to experience through your taste buds too. And to up the adrenaline factor on my trip, I’d totally take a walk along the terrifyingly awesome-looking Sky Bridge, a breathtaking walkway at the peak of Gunung Mat Chinchang. Thankfully, I have an okay head for heights…



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Well, would you look at them shores. Famed for its stunning beaches, Fuerteventura is one of Spain’s Canary Islands, sitting pretty just off the coast of Morocco. As well as the amazing sights to take in, there’s loads going on in the way of watersports – brilliant if you’re like me and get a bit antsy lazing on the beach all day.

Corralejo is the main tourist resort and offers stunning views and a bustling nightlife. I also LOVE the sound of a private boat tour at sunset. Unlimited wine (don’t drink and swim though, kids), dinner AND the amazing views? Sold. A week of fun under that stretching blue sky would definitely do wonders for pretty much every aspect of my life and happiness. Get me on a plane, like now.

I haven’t actually had the pleasure of visiting any of these places yet, but I’d love to know if you have – leave me your own winter sun holiday stories in the comments!

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  • It’s extremely bright and sunny here as summer is upon us in Australia and we’re celebrating the Christmas season by the beach! If you’ve got Bali on your wishlist, you might want to visit the Philippines’ beaches as well – Boracay, Palawan and Cebu! 😉

    • That sounds amazing! Would love to visit Australia (the weather here is windy and rainy at the moment, boo!) The Philippines sound wonderful, more places to add to my ever-growing bucket list!