My New Look Party Playlist

If you’re hosting your own gathering, there’s tons to think about before you can get on with the good old fashioned enjoying yourself. Food, drinks, having the best outfit to run around looking after those pesky guests in, and of course – the music. And today I’m totally helping you out with not one, but two of those. Namely – the dress and the party playlist. I actually feel quite prepared for party season (for once) this year. I’ve found myself this amazing AX Paris party dress at New Look, and I’ve also prepared the perfect playlist for any impromptu get togethers that will totally end up happening and going on until 3am when it’s only Tuesday. Cause Christmas, right?

Picking the music for parties is a pretty tough (but still pretty fun) job. For a start, you’ve got to get the genre balance right – Dave the metal snob and your workmate’s One Direction obsessive girlfriend that you’ve only just met aren’t likely to be picking their party jams from the same Spotify playlist. That’s why I’ve thrown in a good mix into mine – trying to go for tracks that most of the guests would know. Loads of upbeat, singalong, feel-good tunes that hopefully everyone can get into!

Although I tend to listen to more rock-based things when I’m by myself (vive le pop punk etc etc), every gathering needs a party playlist full of BIG TUNES to sing/shout/drunkenly mumble the wrong words along to. You know the one’s I’m talking about. Those spiky-haired denim-clad 90s boybands (NSync obviously winning by a mile), that blink-182 song even your Dad knows the words to, and obviously some classic raucous Britpop. PARKLIFE!

Also – every party needs a so-bad-its-amazing banger. My go-to choice? It comes in the form of the face that launched a thousand biscuits, the legend that is Mr. Lionel. Richie. I’m imagining your first thought would be Hello, but it’s probably not exactly PARTY BANGER material. Instead, I like to have such a good time I end up Dancing on the Ceiling. Y’know, I actually have a special shuffle type dance I bring out during this song that looks a bit like your nan shaking her funky stuff at the WI Christmas do. It’s a beautiful thing, honest.

Dodgy dance moves aside, the other BIG TIME part of party planning is finding yourself an outfit so fabulous your guests will remember that instead of your Lionel moves. New Look has always genuinely been my go-to for party dresses – they just have such a fab range and great price, within both their own range and huge variety of concessions labels. I decided to take a bit of a detour from the tradtional LBD route and went all bright and shiny instead, with the AX Paris Silver Abstract Metallic Skater Dress (£45*). Seriously, it’s beautiful. AND SO SHINY.

What top tracks would be on your party playlist? What will you be wearing to parties this Christmas?