Bloggers’ Night Out: Q Grill & The Glam Clam

The Glam Clam opened its doors over Christmas at The Dome in Tufnell Park, with drag queen cabaret performances, live jazz and a five-course seafood menu by one of my fave girl crushes Gizzi Erskine (hey, remember that time I did some cooking with her?). So what better place for a group of super sassy blogger babes to head to for a Christmas night out? To make paying for the night out and splitting our food bill a little easier (no squabbling over who had HOW MUCH of the wine and whose main was exactly 80p more expensive), we used Santander‘s Kitti app, which allows groups to individually pay into their ‘Kitti’ and use one card on the night. Super useful.

With a few of us (myself included) not being that big on seafood, we opted to go elsewhere for dinner before enjoying the entertainment at The Glam Clam. That elsewhere was Q Grill in Camden, somewhere I’d never heard of, let alone been. Turns out I’d definitely been missing out. After meeting (*deep breath*, there’s a lot of us) Erica, Charlie, CharleyAJ, Claire, Katy, Emsy, Natasha and Angela (*aaand breathe out) we started on the cocktails. Because obviously. First up for me was a Georgia Cobbler, featuring a mix of gin, peach, lemon and soda for a fruity and refreshing taste. I also tried out the Raspbaretto (pretty much because it looked pretty) – and despite the fact I’m not the biggest Amaretto fan I actually really liked it.

q grill cocktails londonQ GRILL CAMDEN INTERIORq grill southern fried chicken waffles

First up for starters were the Smoked Beef Fritters with Chipotle sauce which were really, really good. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and perfectly complemented by the spice of the chipotle, I could have happily eaten another portion. After my visit to Bird earlier this year, chicken and waffles with maple have become a fave, so when I saw them on the Q Grill menu it was an obvious YES. The chicken itself was enjoyable, southern fried and full of flavour, working well with the waffles and maple butter (something I hadn’t tried before). I did enjoy the starter slightly more than the main, but would totally recommend Q Grill as somewhere to try. I also kept getting food envy of what the others had!

After a (not so short) walk (in my heels) to Tufnell Park (avoiding the cobbles LIKE CRAZY), we arrived at the Dome to be greeted with champagne and a table at The Glam Clam. While the others around us chowed down on Gizzi’s seafood menu, we cracked on with the wine and enjoyed some jazz courtesy of the powerful voice of Collette Cooper, performing on a glitzy stage in front of a giant clam. Of course. During the beginning of the evening, the evening’s drag performers walked amongst the audience, sitting down and chatting with us and generally creating a really immersive atmosphere. Plus, they were all walking better in their heels than I was. JEALOUS.

the glam clam collette cooper png the glam clam london png the glam clam night out png

After getting us warmed up with a live band and some chat, the full on drag performances REALLY began, throwing all the ultimate classics at us in true fabulous style. Barbara Striesand? Check. Chaka Khan? Yep. Tina Turner? Obviously. Headed up by the wonderful Glyn Famous (rocking the best ever ‘Basic Bitch’ badge), the whole troupe were just so much fun for the whole night. Even when we nipped outside and accidentally ended up almost joining the act when we had to run back to our seats.

The audience interaction was fantastic (especially the unsuspecting male companion of one attendee being given a special lap dance), and the singalongs and giggles made it a perfect slightly quirky place to go for a girls’ night out. Towards the end of the night, we ended up performing a bit of a GLAM SQUAD stage invasion so we could get a total #squadgoals snap in the glam clam itself.

Glam Clam Squad - 10 the glam clam drag performance pngthe glam clam london 2015 png

I had an absolute blast of a night with some amazing, fabulous ladies (and the rest of the blogger crew were alright too, I suppose…LOVE Y’ALL), great food and easy payment thanks to the Kitti app. What more could you need?

*Santander provided us with the majority of our spends for our #GlamClamMeatSlam night out. BEST.
Q Grill interior photo by Charlie // Group photo by Katy

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  • This night looked like the perfect way to celebrate Christmas!

    • Most definitely! 🙂

  • So. Very. Jealous D:

    • Bloggers are just the best (see also: chicken, waffles, drag queens)

  • Amreet

    I wish I looked like that in a dress…..

  • Amreet

    Unfortunately I look like this

  • This looks like such a fun night!! I’ve only been to a drag performance once before and it was amazing!

    • It was SO GOOD, literally so jealous, they’re better at being ladylike than I am for sure.

  • This looks like such a fun night! I’m moving to London soon so I hope I can get involve in stuff like this and meet people, I don’t know anyone so it’s quite scary!

    • AW YES COME HANG WITH ME. When are you moving?! (I’m so gonna shout all this at you on Twitter at some point as well)

  • Looks like a great fun night ! Great pictures too. 🙂

  • Rebecca Marie

    Every time I read your blog there’s always a guaranteed post where I say to myself “I wish I could do that!” and this is one of them, as always. It looked so fun. You should do a review post for the year of all the blog events you’ve got to do, I bet you’ve done more than you can remember! xxx

  • So so so much fun! When’s part two? 😉