Sunday Snippets 15.11.15

After the horrible events of the past 48 days, I’ve slightly struggled with the idea of writing a post today. When something so horrific happens it’s hard to think of anything but the lives that have been affected and the huge loss that so many are coming to terms with right now. But as devastating as the attacks on Paris were (alongside equally tragic events that have happened in Lebanon, Baghdad and beyond), stopping celebrating our happiness, sharing the things we love and living our lives is letting the people who commit these atrocities win. So I pause, in respect for those lost not just this weekend, but every day. I’m hoping this moment doesn’t come across as disrespectful in this kind of post, but it’s something that couldn’t not be addressed. To anyone going to bed tonight having lost a loved one during recent events – the world and my own thoughts are very much with you.

Cocktails & Bunny Chow

On Tuesday night, I headed to Mahiki to party with the Debenhams beauty team. FANCY EH? Celeb haunt Mahiki is definitely pretty far removed from the dive bars and ‘old man’ pubs I’d choose to head to normally, but curiosity definitely got me very excited about checking it out. The Tiki bar vibe was definitely fun and a lot of attention had obviously gone into the venue decor. Plus, there were loads of fave beauty brands showing their wares. The Debs team were super generous and had some lovely goodie bags including Benefit’s Roller Lash and theBalm’s Nude Tude palette, both of which I’m currently seriously obsessed with as they give me the BEST EYES EVER *heart eyes emoji*.

mahiki london night out

Unfortunately, the event was a bit crowded so we left quite quickly which was a bit of a shame – but it was lovely to chat to all the brands about their new lines in time for Christmas lists to be scribbled down. A few of us headed off in search of food, ending up at Bunny Chow in Soho. It’s somewhere that’s been on my foodie ‘to try’ list for a while, serving up South African street food in silver mess tins. I picked out the Durban Mutton Curry with coriander salad and it was absolutely amaaazing. One of the best fivers spent on food recently, for sure.

bunny chow soho durban mutton curry


Heard the word? (sorry) Bird is AMAZING. I’d heard it mentioned and lauded by friends but never really knew much about it – other than assuming (correctly and understandably) that it served up fried chicken. But, rather than being a cheapy Chicken Cottage type affair, Bird bring SFC firmly into the forefront of London’s foodie gems.

Rather than the below-pictured Original Waffle Burger, I had the signature Fried Chicken, Waffles and Syrup. I really didn’t think it would work but it SO TOTALLY DID. Seriously, wow. The chicken itself was fried to perfection – a crispy exterior encasing soft, falling-off-the-bone meat, complemented perfectly by the sweetness of the runny maple syrup. I’ve already planned to take Conor here when I get paid next, and for someone who tends to try loads of restaurants rather than go back to regulars, that’s a big seal of approval.

bird restaurant shoreditch fried chicken

Mulled Wine Festival

After a pretty lazy day yesterday, I popped in for a visit to Yelp’s Mulled Wine Festival, celebrating all things festive and mulled. When we arrived the queues were pretty intimidating, but thankfully I’d managed to sort out some wristbands so we could be those annoying queue-jumping, freebie getting types. Sorry, general public. Trying out lots of mulled wine was a highlight (despite poor Conor not actually being a big fan of mulled wine – more for me thought!), and I also tried out some mulled mead from Gosnells. I’ve had mead before, but this was very different – lightly sparkling and not at all syrupy. 10/10 would drink again.

Among the tasty things on offer were BURGERS (yep, more burgers) from MeatLiquor, another place I’ve been meaning to try since I moved to London three years ago. Time flies. Although they were smallish, slider type burgers I was super impressed by them – juicy, tasty and meaty, I’m planning on heading back for the full size experience very soon. And finally – probably the oddest thing on offer, Mulled Wine ICE POPS. Yep, you heard that right. Bringing on all the seasonal confusion, I tried out LIC Pops’ boozy ice lollies. The mulled wine was quite strange, but the mojito made me feel ALMOST like I was on a sunny beach rather than cosied up in a scarf in the middle of November.

Yelp London Mulled Wine Festival 2015 LIC Ice Lolly

After the Mulled Wine Festival, we took a wander around Covent Garden to take in the festive ambience, and after deciding that our delicious burgers had been a bit on the small side stopped in at Ecco Pizza on Drury Lane for some cheap and tasty carb-loading goodness. I first discovered Ecco when I was staying in LSE’s halls when I’d just moved to London – for no more than a fiver (less if you’re eating in), you can have an 11 inch pizza with a variety of toppings. I had the pepperoni, and it was ridiculously tasty. It did have a bit of a mushy base in the middle and a bit too much crust for my liking, but for a cheap pizza that don’t skimp on toppings or overall taste, it’s a great place to drop into.

Cheap Pizza in Holborn London at Ecco

How was everyone’s week? What did you get up to?

  • Bird is top of my list of eats to try! Gutted I didn’t get over to the Mulled festival, everything sounded delicious!

    • It was more impressive than I’d expected it to be in the end (re: MulledFest), and I do really like mulled wine, I have decided. You definitely need to go to Bird too!

  • I am so into the idea of a mulled wine ice pop. Was awesome to hang out on Tuesday, I am definitely going back to Bunny Chow soon, such a delicious bargain.

    Emma Inks