Sunday Snippets #3 – Princess Bubblegum’s Halloween Adventures

Hey there – Princess Bubblegum here! I’m taking over Milly’s blog while she nurses her hangover and desperately seeks out all the carbs to tell you about my AMAZING Halloween adventure last night.

It was Conor’s dad’s 60th this week, so before I headed out for Halloween, we went out for a family meal at one of my favourite places to eat – The Kolossi Grill. It actually recently featured as my recommendation in Millenium Hotels’ Hidden Foodie Gems guide, thanks to their epic mezes. SO MUCH FOOD. I always end up filling up on bread and struggling with the final course – but I’ve always got room for their calamari and halloumi dishes.

After eating lots and lots and having some birthday cake, I headed to Kentish Town to meet friends and go out. Lots of people were dressed in dark, spooky clothes – I definitely felt like I stood out amongst the London Halloween crowds! (I think Milly’s jealous of my hair and wants to have a flowing pink mane all the time. I suppose her wig was pretty good – despite the fact the one she originally ordered didn’t arrive and she had to face Party Superstore in Clapham on actual Halloween – now that’s something REALLY scary!)

princess bubblegum adventure time cosplay costume

The night we were going to was Ultimate Power – a club night devoted to playing power ballads – THE BEST. I found quite a few people actually knew who I was, which made me smile a lot. Although I did get asked a few times if I was a unicorn!

Getting the night bus home was quite a chore – two drove past us before one stopped and it was absolutely rammed. Once we got off the bus, a haze of fog had fallen over the streets and it was pretty amazing – it felt a bit like a horror movie, although we were definitely more interested in going to bed than discovering any spooky secrets hidden away in the dark!

I had an awesome time eating, drinking and dancing with the best company – let’s hope Milly will let me out on more adventures! I can hear her coming back from the kitchen now (I imagine she’s about to eat a GIANT bowl of pasta) so I’ve got to go – but let me know what you guys got up to for Halloween in the comments!

  • So cute! I’ve been meaning to try Ultimate Power for ages, glad you enjoyed.

    • Thanks! You should definitely go – bloggers trip?! 😀

  • ayden millar

    THIS IS THE BEST HALLOWEEN OUTFIT EVERRRR! You look amazing ^_^ Last year I went as Finn, and it was such good fun 🙂 This year me and my fella went as Claire and Owen from Jurassic World. I was just chuffed my hair was similar to hers so I didn’t need to wear a wig haha xx

    • Aw yay! Thankyou! I did see your costume this year, loved it! I think the problem with my pink wig is that now I want to wear it ALL THE TIME, it’s just so cute! xx

  • Thankyou! (and I totally recommend Adventure Time!!)