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Pizza Union SpitalfieldsPizza is love, guys. Last week I had that ‘Friday! Payday! Let’s go eat something!’ feeling. Er, except, not something too expensive, as I’d like to not be crying into 19p Tesco noodles come next Friday. So we decided to pay a visit to Pizza Union in Spitalfields (they also have a branch in King’s Cross, FYI), to get some cheesy, tomato-y, dough-y goodness and see how their ‘Superfast’ tagline holds up.

Unlike your usual city restaurant, there are no waiters and waitresses to take your order or bring your food out. Instead, you order and pay at the counter then take a small piece of plastic that buzzes and flashes when your order’s ready. And from ordering to recieving our pizzas, it took around 7 minutes. AMAZING. If you’re looking for a full-service, sit down meal then Pizza Union definitely won’t work for you – but if you’re in a rush, feeling the hustle and bustle of the city and want to get some food in your face FAST, you won’t be disappointed.

When choosing our pizza, we did what we always do (and, quite frankly, the most sensible thing to do ALWAYS), and got two to share between us. We ordered up a Vesuvio (pepperoni, green chillies, cracked chillis) and a Carne (beef, chicken, pepperoni, onions). Toppings were slightly uneven in places, but really no more so than a lot of similar and pricier places, and these ones were full of flavour. Especially the cracked chillies on the Vesuvio, which almost blew my face off. In a kinda good way.

Although it might not be the most gourmet pizza around – the ones we ordered up were really very good. The fire-baked bases are VERY thin with a super crispy crust. Considering the speed and price of the pizza, the quality is actually very impressive. However, drinks-wise I’d avoid the house white as it’s not that great – stick to beer or soft drinks. Or, you could splash out and get a bottle of Prosecco (although probably not advisable if you’re dining solo – something that’s totally acceptable at Pizza Union too)

Pizza Union Spitalfields Liverpool Street cheap eats lunch

Usually when I go out for pizza, I expect to pay around £10+ for a 12′ with toppings – but the prices at Pizza Union range from just £3.95 for a Margherita up to a maximum of £6.50 for ones with lots of toppings. The rest of the menu is kept simple – with three variations of side salad (£2.95-£3.95) and three fillings for a warm dough ring dessert (£2.95-£3.95). Beer’s from £3 a bottle, and wine’s from £3.20 a glass. Total cost for two of the top end pizzas, a basic salad, garlic dip and two drinks was £21 – pretty brilliant for central London!

With wooden tables, neon lights and exposed brickwork walls, Pizza Union Spitalfields definitely has a bit of a hip, ‘Shoreditch-y’ vibe – except it’s actually pretty much slap-bang in the middle of the corporate, suit-filled city. Heading in on a Friday night, it was lively but not overcrowded and we managed to find a table easily enough. I’m not sure if it was the day of the week and my own weekend excitement – but I definitely felt a hum of excitement and a friendly, warm vibe from the tables around me. Smiles all round.

Pizza Union Spitalfields Liverpool Street cheap eats lunch

Plug Sockets
If you’re a blogger, you’ll so get this. Never let dead batteries make you miss out on the perfect pizza Instagram shot again!  There are plug sockets by all the tables round the outside of the room, which means you can get much-needed phone juice AND tasty pizza for just over a fiver. I LIKE.

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Although it might not have the gourmet appeal of other, pricier restaurants in the area, Pizza Union have got casual dining absolutely sorted – offering quality pizza at affordable prices. Perfect for a quick lunch if you’re working in/visiting the city, or just a fun evening out with mutually skint friends.

  • sophie warner

    Sometimes casual dining is just what you need! Definitely need to try this pizza out!

  • Both of he pizzas that you ordered look delicious!!

  • I am always up for casual dining, pizza is right up my street and I would definitely try them out. The ones your ordered looks really yummy and I am loving your photos too. xx

    • They were incredible – and thankyou! 🙂

  • fashion-mommy

    The place looks great, and the price is pretty amazing in comparison to Pizza Hut or Express.

    • Most definitely! I always feel a bit annoyed about how expensive pizza out can be, but this helps!