Checking In – Seasonal & Cheap Tartan Skirts

Tartan/check/whateveryouwannacallem skirts, to me, are a defining fashion ‘thing’ for the Autumn and Winter months. Maybe it’s the whole ‘Back to school’ vibe starting in September? Or because they’re usually quite thick and warm and cosy and made to be worn with 10,000 denier tights and big clumpy boots? Whatever the reason, I’m totally happy about it.

I remember once upon a time, I used to have a red check skirt that I wore religiously when I was about 17-20. I still have no idea where it went and I think it may have been forever lost in a move years ago. Although it probably wouldn’t fit me anyway. Despite being very much linked to my old school emo kid days in my head, tartan skirts are actually a really versatile thing to have in a wardrobe – you can pair them with a little cami top and some heels for going out, a cosy chunky knit like mine from H&M, or as part of a work outfit with a shirt/blazer. Easy peasy.

I actually picked this one up from Penneys (that’s Primark in Ireland!) when I went on my Dublin trip a couple of weekends ago. It’s a wraparound style, so instead of wiggling into it, you just fasten it at the front.  I really like the shape and fit of it – tartan skirts always look best high waisted. Annoyingly, one of the clasps on mine has broken already and the button’s come off, so I probably wouldn’t recommend THIS particular skirt. However, because I’m super ace and all that, here are some more I’ve found some cheap tartan skirts that won’t break the bank (except maybe the Toppers one but it’d SO be worth it).

(P.S not related to skirts but HOW AWESOME is my new handbag too?!)

cheap tartan skirts

Hearts & Bows Prima Tartan High Waisted Mini Skirt (White/Red and Blue/Green), Ark, £22 // Buffalo Check High-Waisted Skirt, Topshop, £65

cheap tartan skirts

Monki Pleated Check Miniskirt, ASOS, £25 // Only Check Skirt with Lace, ASOS, £25 // Pleated Skirt, H&M, £14.99

Will you be picking up a check skirt this Autumn/Winter?

  • That Monki skirt is so cute! I love tartan skirts.

    Rachel |

    • It is – I want them all! 🙂

  • Frankie |

    I too love a good tartan skirt. You’d have thought high school would have put me off kilts for life, but nope!

    • Haha we never got to wear such nice things at my school – all about the Clarks clompers and green blazers!

  • I love a tartan skirt. I picked up a black, grey and pink one last year from Next, I absolutely love it 🙂 x

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

    • Next are so good for stuff like this actually, good shout! 🙂

  • Georgia

    I love tartan skirts in autumn! The green and blue ark one is gorgeous 🙂 xx

    Chasing Belle 23

    • Is it totally awful that I’m contemplating picking up both colours?! 😀

  • Roxie Ferguson

    I love a tartan mini skirt with thick woolen tights, knee high boots and a cosy jumper on top!

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

    • I need to get some knee boots, although I’m majorly worried about how they’ll work with my stump legs!!

  • I am about to receive a tartan piece and I am so excited. Love this.

    • Oh I hope you like it, tartan’s great 🙂

  • Sophie Athawes

    YES! I love tartan so much, I can’t ever wait for the A/W just so I can bring it out. I love the pieces you’ve featured, green tartan always looks so classic xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    • Thanks – yess, green tartan is fab (and a colour of tartan I don’t actually own…yet…!)