Sunday Snippets #2

As you read this post, I’ll be having a jolly time across the pond in Dublin. There’ll be food in my belly, whisky in my hand and I’ll have most definitely paid Penney’s (what Primark is known as in Ireland) a lengthy visit.

Um, unless you don’t catch up with this until Monday evening, slowcoach, in which case I’ll probably be in bed having post-Guinness sleep catchups. Anyway, while I’m off having an ace time, here are some also-ace things from the week gone by.

THAT Lace Blouse
I featured this rather lovely white lace blouse from good old Primark in my Leather & Lace outfit post, and I’m happy to report that it ain’t goin’ nowhere. Because it looks amazing under, like, everything. Especially my beloved H&M polka dot skater dress that’s totally made for spinning around in.

Fall. Out. Boy.
O.M.G. HOW good were they at Wembley? (asking as I’m pretty sure around 80% of my Twitter feed were there as well.)

For the first time ever (at a proper ‘rock’ gig at least), I was actually in the seating section. Not by choice and initially I was a bit gutted, but OH BOY were our seats amazing. I usually struggle being able to see, especially at packed out large venues, but I saw every single second in glorious relative closeness. Total convert to seating (as long as they’re the same seats all the time. Can I buy them?)

Patrick and co. played an incredible setlist packed full of bangers – including I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy…, at which point I squealed QUITE A BIT. The crowds have definitely changed since the ‘old days’ (yep, I went there), but their performance and amazing songs have stayed completely and most definitely amazing.

Basically, I will see these boys forever. Until they go on hiatus again or stop closing with Saturday. Whichever.

Lethal Bizzle – Live Colourful
In quite the contrast to the gig I’d been to just two nights ago (well, not THAT much really. Professor Green supported FOB which was pretty odd), on Tuesday the lovely Lissa invited me along to LiveColourfulLive, a night hosted by Bulmers to celebrate the collaboration between Lethal Bizzle, electro-soul singer Sinead Harnett and legendary Bond composer David Arnold.

As well as sipping on Bulmers (the Black Cherry flavour is AMAZING fyi), we also saw Sinead and then Bizzle perform some tracks before the grand finale, the reveal of campaign track Come This Far. Despite being about as un-grimey-seeming as you can get, I think my pale emo kid shuffle managed to pass as just about acceptable.

What have you been loving the past week?

  • your lace blouse is the cutest. it looks so good on you.

  • Rajwant Kaur Singh

    That lace blouse is adorable!
    Sounds like you’ve been having a blast lately
    Hope you had fun in Ireland, can’t wait to see what you got up to there

    What Raj Wants