A Birthday, A Burrito & The Love Bar

South Bank Love Bar Youth Club Archive Photobooth
South Bank The Understudy Bar Birthday

This weekend I embraced sunny London as we celebrated my housemate Rob’s birthday, with an afternoon and evening at perhaps one of the busiest areas in town – London’s Southbank.

I managed to have a bit of a pants start to the day, as a gust of wind whilst answering the door resulted in me being locked out of the flat…for three hours. Yup. That happened. Thankfully, our upstairs neighbours took me in and once I’d actually got ready later, we headed to The Understudy bar at the National Theatre. The whole outdoor area was rammed with people on deckchairs taking in the entertainment, but we got comfortable on the sofas inside and quickly got down to the important business of CAKE. My other housemate, Sheena, is an INCREDIBLE baker and makes the best ever birthday cakes – this one was white chocolate and raspberry with the best buttercream!

South Bank The Understudy Bar Apricot Beer
South Bank The Understudy Bar Beavertown Holy Cowbell India Stout
South Bank Wahaca Street Food Burrito

As I had a bit of cash left two days before payday (GO ME), I opted for trying out some more unusual drink choices. I got super excited to see the Apricot beer that they had, I’d tried it before and I’m a big fan. I do wince at being charged £5.20 for a bottle (!) but seriously, it’s so lush. As well as the Apricot beer, I also gave Beavertown Holy Cowbell India Stout a go. I’m not really a stout drinker at all, but I love to try new things and the fabulous can design managed to reel me in. It’s definitely not the normal kind of taste I’d pick, but it was still pretty enjoyable! Afterwards, Conor and I nipped under the bridge to grab some burritos from Wahaca’s street food truck, and they were amazing. Despite the fact I couldn’t quite manage all of mine – but it’s just too hard not to fill up on cake!

South Bank Love Bar
South Bank Love Bar Badge Making Workshop
South Bank Love Bar Gin Vodka Slush Puppy

After adequately lining our stomachs and picking up the amazing term ‘pissfairies’ to describe our most booze-ridden group members, we headed round the corner to the surprisingly uncrowded pop-up Love Bar. We actually went to the same place bar last year when it had a different theme, but I felt like this year was even better and it resulted in a ridiculously fun evening. The concept for this year’s Love Bar is nostalgia for youth and the whole bar reflected this attitude. The drinks menu includes booze served up with cans of pop, and you can pick up crisps and sweets too, giving it a ‘tuck shop’ feel. I went for the special cocktail – a boozy gin and vodka slushie, which was absolutely AMAZING – seriously, I could drink them all summer they’re so zingy and refreshing.

As well as nostalgic drinks and snacks, Love Bar also features an exhibition area, with memories of childhoods past adorning the walls. There’s also a fun, interactive feel – one of the highlights was the free badge-making table, we all went back to our youth making snazzy little pin badges. We may have made multiple ones each… As well as the badgemaking, there was an awesome ‘photobooth’ where you could take a snap and send it straight to Twitter or even buy a print. Obviously, we took full advantage of it…

I had ridiculous amounts of fun at Love Bar – the vibe is so chilled, and I can’t believe you can find a bar that actually has seats on a Saturday night! £6 for a cocktail isn’t bad at all, and with loads of fun stuff to do it’s definitely a quirky alternative to the usual central London bars and clubs. I’d definitely TOTALLY recommend going – it’s around until the 6th September, so you still have some time. And take me back with you, please.

What did you get up to at the weekend? What do you think to Love Bar?