Beauty To Your Door: CitySwish, London

Sometimes getting out and about for things is a bit of an effort, isn’t it? I know when I finish work most days, if I’m not going off to have some fun, I really just want to go home and make the most of having some rare chill out time. If you’re rushing around living a busy city life, going out to get your hair/nails/tan done can often end up falling down the priorities list in favour of household chores and Netflix. Especially if your favourite salon is miles away. Enter CitySwish, the website and app that provides pampering and essential beauty services to your door.

CitySwish offer a range of beauty treatments, including nails, tanning, waxing and massage – all in the comfort of your own home or office in Zones 1-3. To celebrate the launch of their speedy booking app this July, I was lucky enough to try out the service myself and opted for a massage – because, truth is, I’ve never actually had a full massage before. I know, right?! Upon arrival at exactly 6.30pm on the dot, my friendly massage therapist (is that the right description?!) set up his portable massage table in the front room, and we had a quick chat about what I wanted to get out of the session. Knowing very little about the massage experience, I let him recommend me the classic Swedish massage – and he even provided a chilled-out soundtrack.

The experience WAS slightly surreal to begin with, but the massage was fantastic and I felt completely comfortable having the treatment in the privacy of my own home – although I did almost end up having a snooze afterwards – yep, it was THAT good! In the days that followed, I could definitely feel a difference, with my back muscles feeling less tense and a general feeling of being more chilled out and relaxed.

If you’re leading a busy life, CitySwish is the ideal opportunity to feel pampered in comfortable surroundings at a time that suits you – most of their services run up until around 9pm, which is handy if you’re working late. Or, alternatively, if you have a big night out after a day in the office, with just a Swish you can have a nail technician on their way to spruce up your fingers or toes before you head out. Although the app is currently only available on the Apple store, those who aren’t iPeople will be pleased to know they can get Swishing via the easy-to-navigate mobile site. And if you’re looking for something more regular, they also offer monthly ‘subscription’ deals.

I absolutely love the idea and had a fantastic experience, and CitySwish’s prices are very competitive when you compare them with in-salon treatments (as an example – my hour-long massage would have cost £65) with the extra added convenience of the service coming to you.

What do you think of CitySwish? Which treatment would you most like to have?

*CitySwish offered me a free treatment in exchange for an (as always) honest review