‘You’re All-Included’ – First Choice Blogger Competition

Because I’m getting as much blog mileage as possible out of what’s likely to be my only trip abroad this summer, I was pretty excited to hear that First Choice are running a blogger competition to win an iPad Mini, simply by talking about your experiences of going all-inclusive. Challenge accepted!

So let me let you in on a little secret. Before last month, I’d never been on a proper beach holiday abroad. I’ve been on city, country and seaside breaks galore – mostly in the UK but a few abroad too – but I’ve never done the whole ‘Brit abroad’ type deal. We stayed at the Best Negresco Hotel in Cap Salou, about 20 minutes walk from Salou itself. It’s a lovely place, and when walking past other hotels we realised we’d definitely chosen well. After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing initially, we decided to go all-inclusive for our trip. Unlimited sangria? No-brainer, as Mr Bacon would say. And it definitely proved to be the best choice, in spite of the fact we had to wear slightly irritating plastic wristbands for the week.

Having heard horror stories about some all-inclusive resorts serving horrible food, I was vaguely terrified of living off chips for a week (okay, not that terrified, I do love chips) – but the variety was actually insane. When it comes to eating out, I’m definitely a ‘picker’. By that, I mean when I’m eating with company I love ordering platters to share and a mixture of dishes and having a little bit of everything. Eating just one dish isn’t enough for me – I want a bit of everything, and that’s what we got.

There were multiple serving buffets packed with all kinds of food, from the trusty chip tray to more interesting local food, such as seafood paella. On top of this, you had a chap on the grill whipping up freshly done burgers, steak, veal(!) and hot dogs. Dessert was an equally impressive affair, with all kinds of cakes and as many little pots of ice cream as we wanted. Me being a proper adult, I was particularly excited to pick up a bowl of jelly to pair with my hazelnut ice cream, topped off with chocolate sauce and sprinkles. I am definitely a real grown up.

When it came to drinking, I’m definitely sure we got our money’s worth. Okay, premium brands AREN’T usually included (especially not at the relatively affordable cost of our hotel), but whether you’re a spirit drinker or a beer lover, there’s something decent available. Just watch out for the free-poured spirits. Lethal. As mentioned, I indulged in plenty of sangria over the week, and with a bar sat right next to the pool it was easy to get regular refills. We befriended an awesome couple from Glasgow during the week, and thanks to sending the boys over to top up our drinks regularly, I may just have ended up with two sangrias on the go too…

Going all-inclusive was definitely the best choice for us – especially as we’re quite big eaters, so would have spent a fair bit if we’d been eating outside the hotel all the time. The amount we got for the smallish amount it cost on top of the room made it really worthwhile, and they even gave us packed lunches to take out to PortAventura. Coming back from holiday and hitting normality with a bump, I headed to Slimming World to find out I’d put on 5lbs during the time I was off. Whoops. But if that doesn’t show how much we loved all-inclusive, I don’t know what does!

Have you ever been on an all inclusive holiday?