My #TransunLights Travel Bucket List

 When it comes to travel, I have big dreams, high hopes and a less-than-impressive savings account. I’m not a hugely well-travelled person, and it’s something I often regret and vow to change in my future. In my younger days (which makes me sound REALLY OLD), I frittered away money on ‘stuff’, but as I’ve ‘grown up’ I feel like there are far more important things to me than having THAT new lipstick or a wardrobe full of Topshop dresses (half a wardrobe full will do fine…). Experiencing the world and everything it has to offer has now risen up my priorities list, and this year alone, Barcelona and Dublin will be joining NYC, Italy, Belgium and France as places I’ve been lucky enough to find myself able to get lost in. In the coming years, I hope to travel more and immerse myself in the culture of far-flung places and finding a path to new adventures.

Having said that, I’m not a ‘throw some clothes in a backpack and disappear for a year’ kind of girl. I prefer to go on shorter trips, so when I saw that Transun were offering a competition to whizz off to the Arctic Circle to take in the awe-inspiring Northern Lights, I just had to get myself involved. I’m pretty sure they’re a major sight to see on many travellers’ bucket lists (mine most definitely included, seeing pictures just isn’t enough!) and for this post, I’ll be sharing three other bucket list destinations of my own, as well as what I’d most like to do there!

San Francisco – Explore the City’s Culture

Although a big-time road trip along the West Coast of America is my ultimate dream, the one place I REALLY want to hit up while I’m there is San Francisco. Yes, NYC, LA and Vegas all seem to be the most popular US destinations, but it’s the vibe of the San Fran bay that really calls out to me – more laid back than its other city counterparts, but still bustling and busy with a great music and foodie scene. I also have a weird obsession with real-life prison documentaries (yup), so taking a tour around Alcatraz is a big part of my SF planning! And although the Golden Gate bridge is a must-visit, the part I’m really excited about is immersing myself in the city’s culture – hopping onto a tram, taking in the Alamo Square’s ‘postcard row’ and the ‘painted ladies’, as well as finding out the hottest spots from the locals that spend every day in such a vibrant city.

Switzerland – Take in the Alps

Usually when I’m on a long coach journey, I’ll either be sleeping, reading or catching up with some American telly dramas on my tablet. However, when I went to Italy back in 2012, despite the coach journey being over 24 hours long and full of rowdy students, I couldn’t take my eyes away from the incredible scenery as we drove through Switzerland. Gazing up into the huge peaks of the Alps was breathtaking, but it was also the character of the houses in the small villages surrounding them that bowled me over a bit too. Despite my slight disdain for long walks, I’d be happy to trek around the Alps, visiting small towns and probably singing THE HILLS ARE ALIVE just for good measure. Plus, the Swiss are rather excellent at chocolate, and that’s something I can get VERY enthusiastic over.

Australia – Swim With Sharks

Some people think I’m a bit odd/insane for this one, but going shark cage diving is actually really high up on my bucket list and something I NEED to do at some point in my life. Ever since I was quite young, I’ve always been a bit fascinated by marine life, and sharks in particular. I’m in awe of their size and power, and getting up close and personal with them would just be one of my ultimate travel experience dreams. I do reckon I’d get pretty nervous when it came down to the actual dive, but it’s a real once-in-a-lifetime experience that I’m determined I’ll be able to tick off the bucket list one day.

What are your ultimate ‘bucket list’ travel experiences?

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