The Best Cities in the UK to Visit For A Weekend Break

So, I like to visit places. But usually, I don’t end up going THAT far. A lot of travel talk I see on blogs seems to focus on going abroad, but there’s plenty going on in our own fair lands. I’m really lucky that I’ve met some amazing people through this here internet, and I often go on ‘mini adventures’ (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?) around the UK to catch up, have a few drinks and generally experience the feel of a different city to my own.

I love London, and living here is awesome, but sometimes it’s great to have a change of pace – even other big cities have their own unique identities and atmospheres. When I go visiting, I always look to Travelodge for a place to lay my head – their hotels are cheap and simple, yet great quality and value. If you’d like to win yourself a two night stay for you and a partner/pal, just head to the widget below to enter the draw. And if you need some inspiration of where to go, here are some of the best cities in the UK for a weekend break!



One of the things I really loved in Brighton was the amount of incredible street art on display. Not just reserved for the main ‘visitor’ areas, I took a short cut down an alleyway and saw some wonderful art there too, despite it not seeming like a well used route. Although super busy in the summer, it’s an incredible time to visit as the beach is just lovely, and of course, the pier is a must-visit! It’s also a wonderful place to find a huge variety of quirky and unusual clothing shops – with vintage outlets packing the streets, it’s a great chance to find yourself a complete one-off outfit that no one else will be wearing. Plus, there’s the quaint charm of The Lanes, a quaint and creative shopping area running through the narrow alleyways.


I went to Canterbury in Kent a few years back for a Uni trip, and absolutely loved the place. I spent most of the trip on my own (I was supervising students, so didn’t actually know anyone on the trip), so just got to explore and potter around a bit. It’s a really lovely, historical place, with some stunning architecture and amazing little rivers and canals weaving around the city. You can even hop on board a boat and see the small city from the water – a bit like a ye olde English Venice! It’d also be a great place to go as a family with plenty to do for all ages. I particularly really enjoyed the Canterbury Tales exhibit – it’s like a much less scary version of the London Dungeons! There are also some lovely independent shops selling all kinds of unusual and handmade gifts, food and homewares. For somewhere filled with both heritage and fun, Canterbury’s a great choice for a day out.

Isle of Wight

This post initially started off as my ‘favourite cities to visit’, but when I remembered how much I enjoyed taking a trip to this little Hampshire island with my parents, I had to change it! When we went there, we discovered a hop on and off type bus, which took a route around some of the island’s attractions, including one of my favourites, Arreton Old Village – lots of craft, old memorabilia and catching some pirates at the Shipwreck Centre. Our journey led us to the iconic needles, where we braved the cliffs on the chairlift! On a seperate trip, I also visited the Isle of Wight Zoo, who do amazing work with the conservation of their animals. I’ve also been on a pub crawl in Ryde, where every pub was an easy walk apart!



image credits: BrightonCanterbury, Isle of Wight

  • I love Edinburgh!


  • Kariss Ainsworth

    I can't say it's my fave because I've not visited yet but I really want to go to Bath!

  • Sophie Ruffell

    What an amazing giveaway! I love visiting Brighton, it's definitely one of my favourites. I never knew Isle of Wight had the chair lift!


  • Victoria Jane

    I love visiting Birmingham! x

  • loobylou8424

    Bristol is my favourite City! There is so much to see and do! Cabot Tower is my favourite place in Bristol. You can see for miles over the City. Beautiful views! Great giveaway! Good luck to everyone 🙂

  • Kevin Honey

    I like Bath, but I haven't been for ages. This would be a good opportunity!

  • Sara JaneG

    I love to visit Manchester

  • RunxAroundxChloe

    Birmingham, i love it even more at Christmas. Love the market!!

  • Little Miss Katy

    This is SUCH an awesome giveaway girl!!! 😀 I heart Brighton and Canterbury and Isle of Wight but my absolute fave place in the UK (at the moment!) is York. Such a gorgeous city! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  • Maxine Owen

    Cambridge is lovely

  • maci234


  • Foolishphil

    I would love to go to the Isle of Wight again. I haven't been there for years and have some wonderful memories.

  • kj19

    London .. so much going on

  • Andrea Williams

    London, just love going to the galleries, museums and shopping x

  • PlastigFfantastig

    London – so much to do!

  • Karen Cowley

    I love to visit Cardiff but i'd really love to go to Bristol in March so this would be amazing xx

  • clair downham

    scotland edinburgh or london thankyou

  • lynn heath

    I've had some great nights out in Manchester!

  • Parentingachildwithautism

    I love visiting Liverpool!

  • Lora

    Manchester and York are my favourite Places in the UK. I love exploring the history!

  • Neil Firth NeilF

    Love visiting London – always so much to do

  • Jadea

    Durham…or London.

  • Mirjana

    I would love to go to Edinburgh 🙂

  • dragonfly63

    Birmingham is a lot more beautiful than people think. It has beautiful architecture, amazing free museums, a huge German Christmas Market, lots of canals and brilliant restaurants. Wondering why I moved to Wales now!

  • Emma Ferguson

    I love Edinburgh! 🙂

  • tiggerific1973

    I want to go to Edinburgh but never been…if I win, I think I will 🙂

  • Marie Medler

    Edinburgh. I absolutely love it, can't wait to visit again soon!

  • Becca staples

    York, very historic and charming x

  • Helen Stratton

    York is my favourite. Small and friendly with something for everyone.

  • Corinne Peat


  • york

  • Kiran Parry

    I enjoy my visit to Edinburgh in October and would love to visit there again.

  • kate kathurima

    Birmingham to visit friends and family

  • Michelle Dagger


  • Sarah Pybus


  • BreakandBlossom

    I would like to go to Jersey, Isle of Wight or the Hebrides. I would return back to Bath, Exeter or Edinburgh. Love your blog, I just got into it and the CK lipstick swatch post really helped me find the right shade. Thanks x

  • Lotus Girl

    I love to visit the Isle of Wight and also Brighton.

  • Wayne Van Den Berg

    take my wife somewhere

  • Jenny Toal


  • Kathy Cakebread

    any new cities but i like london

  • Rosemary Sheehan


  • jane frampton


  • Michelle Banks

    i love london x

  • Unknown

    London for me as well

  • Gwyneth Sharps

    I love London – there is so much to do!



  • Caroline Cordery


  • Neasy


  • Lisa Everaert

    London, i love the vibrance

  • Ann Skamarauskas


  • Debbie creasey


  • Pam Gregory

    Chester is a lovely city

  • Big Bird


  • Mary Chez


  • Gemma Nisbet

    I love Edinburgh… it's beautiful

  • Sophie Swallow


  • Paula Barker

    London, so much to see and do

  • greigspencer

    london- so much to see and do



  • twinlay06

    Manchester or Bradford

  • Saetana

    London – we love it, last visited in September. Hoping to go back again very soon ;o) Gleam entries are in my real name NIKKI HAYES

  • Stephen Jones

    Isle of wight so many happy memories of Holidays with my parents

  • David Price

    Cambridge is nice

  • Linda Hill

    Plymouth – it is so diverse

  • david cavender

    London-so much to see and do

  • Maureen Millward


  • teresa1963

    Brighton, love its quirkyness

  • Anita Casu

    One of my favourite cities to visit is Cambridge. It's so charming and pretty.

  • Lucy Locket


  • stacey caine

    Cardiff, I have friends who live there so I try and go as often as I can 🙂 x

  • Angela Morgan


  • luckybaker


  • Sheebasima

    Lake District x

  • Pol

    Lake District!

  • Sylvia Gill

    Manchester… So diverse and something for everyone as well as great food and friendly folk !

  • Jackie Chapman

    I love Manchester!

  • donna jones


  • rs09

    Brighton, always lots to do

  • Amy

    ooooh loved bath, but love liverpool and london too.

  • Andrea Johnson

    London but Liverpool will always be special to me

  • Eloise

    London 🙂

  • Cat Williams

    I love London and York

  • jrandrews72


  • Allan


  • Kate D

    London – can't beat it

  • agaue1

    i would take my husband to london he has never stayed there and i know he would love it 😀

  • Susan Carter

    Bath, such a lovely city

  • Mike Gerrie

    I love going to York

  • joanne liddement

    I love Plymouth because it is by the sea and has a fantastic Sea Life Centre,Museums,Shops and Cinemas…lots of things to see and do

  • jade

    My favourite city is Manchester as it's got a great atmosphere and everyone is so friendly

  • Simon Hardy

    Tough choice between Liverpool and Newcastle!

  • Deborah Hambleton


  • mhoc

    EDINGBURGH – I've stayed in 2 Travelodges, both fab!

  • babz229

    I London, there is always so much to do there

  • Craig Morris

    Did I mention the Riviera as an alternative to sea?

  • Claire Toplis


  • emma brown


  • Lucia Critchley

    York or Edinburgh

  • HayleyT

    I love London ~ no matter how many times you visit, there is always something new to see and do!

  • Hayley Lynch


  • maureen moss


  • Robert Price


  • Victoria thurgood


  • ju33les


  • Anneka Hulse

    It has to be London as there is so much to do and see

  • sheridarby

    Brighton is great fun

  • John and Mary Middleton


  • Claire Nelson

    Cambridge but I would love to go to Bath.

  • Lyndsey Beckford


  • abijanebrighton1986


  • olivia280177

    York is my favourite because it's small and not very cityish at all #countrygal

  • Clara Bee

    Mine is Edinburgh

  • Doreen Mccarthy

    I love Aberdeen, but there are so many wonderful places to visit in the UK x

  • jessica newman

    i love london lots to see and do for me and the kids

  • Krisec

    I Love York

  • Jo maxted

    london xx

  • Colin Wright


  • Tracy

    Cheltenham is lovely and great shopping too.

  • Annie Brookes

    london every time

  • straysuzi


  • Caroline Howard


  • Newcastle Upon type – our best friends moved there from Northern Ireland so we try to go over and visit them when we can but they haven't met our new baby girl yet! Anne

  • I just love London, I take my son as often as I can (which is not often enough!) so much to see you can never fit it all in!

  • Vivienne Wilkes

    Bath I lovely, especially the Bath Spa!

  • kim1957uk


  • cloud9

    London as there are so many things to see, all so different


    Gosh hard as I love so many but I think Bath, though Truro means I am in Cornwall.

  • Natalie Zindani

    i love London

  • Frank Wilbury


  • Heather Tinkler


  • Karen Painter


  • Emma Jones

    If I didn't already live there it would be York but as I do it has to be Edinburgh.

  • Debbie Preston

    London – plenty to see and do for free

  • laura pyper


  • Bernadette Willis

    Bristol – there's so much to see and do

  • Ange Wh

    Edinburgh, want to go to the zoo and museums

  • Emma Green


  • Chris Fletcher

    Bath has to be one of my favourites, it is very pretty with plenty to do and see!

  • caroles


  • Laura Finch


  • leanne perrett


  • Amanda Norwood

    London because there is so much to see and do

  • lempers

    Bristol -holds so many memories

  • dreamlady

    London – would be wonderful

  • donna hanna

    Glasgow – so much to do and the people are great

  • esthermate

    I love Edinburgh

  • Amanda Botterill

    you can't beat London

  • Gemma Clark

    I love London!

  • Nancy Bradford

    London, but I always feel completely exhausted at the end of a visit there.

  • Lucy Porter

    Edinburgh is a definite favourite!

  • Katie Walden


  • rah louise

    London for me.

  • Natalie Crossan

    london xxx

  • Lucy Carter

    York is my favourite

  • Sarah Davies


  • Cat Fyson

    Brighton, by far <3

  • mariel janina

    love this post, definitely need to visit England more and explore more towns and cities like Brighton <3