Download 2014 & Forgetting About Being A Blogger


I’ve been a bit quiet on here recently as I spent some time at one of my favourite places ever – Download Festival! This was actually my tenth year of attending, and every year just seems to create incredible new memories as well as getting to check out awesome music. Band of the festival for me is a pretty easy one, as Fall Out Boy absolutely killed it. Genuinely the best I’ve seen them, they played all the hits, I danced until my feet hurt and at the end of the set I actually sat down and burst into tears of happiness (LOL EMO). Despite criticism for not being a ‘Download band’, they managed to give a stunning performance that proved them more than worthy of gracing the stage at Donington Park.

There were so many other highlights too – including Linkin Park playing the entirety of Hybrid Theory, an album that was a huge part of my and many, many others’ musical journies as teenagers. I managed to discover some new bands too – The BossHoss (third picture) were amazingly fun, bringing bluegrass-rock with extra added brass sections to the stage. I’d seen Crossfaith (first picture) at Warped UK last year, they put on a brilliantly energetic show and I was pretty touched by just how happy and grateful they seemed to be playing. In between Jamie Lenman‘s two contrasting but equally enthralling sets, I had a sit down outside the Red Bull stage tent for Baby Godzilla, and I was casually sipping on my milkshake when their guitarist took a trip outside and started playing on top of a bin right next to me (middle picture) – definitely an awesome random moment of the weekend!

One thing that really struck me about going was how nice it was just to have a bit of time to forget about ‘blogging me’. Don’t get me wrong, some other bloggers have done amazing coverage of the festival and look like they’ve had an incredible time, but for me Download is a chance to completely escape having to think about getting pictures and what content I’ll write. As some of you will know, I also write about music a fair bit and Download’s the one festival I’d be hesitant to cover as press – it’s my time to cut loose, drink some beers with friends, dance until I sweat my makeup off and have the best time ever without worrying about whether I’m due a new blog post. I think blogging can definitely take over your life a little sometimes, so it’s nice to take a break from that.

Download is such a special festival for me – through it I’ve met some of my best friends in the world, and every year I just have the absolute best time losing myself in it all. It’s more than just the bands, it’s the whole atmosphere, and completely one of the biggest highlights of every year.

Did you go to Download? Who’d you seeee?


    i liked reading this post, it was so nice to see you there as well, you looked so happy. i had the best time. i agree it's good to spend time away from blogging, for me these are my beach holidays and i absolutely adore and cherish the moments i have to myself without having to photograph it. download was just way, way too good not to share! so interesting to read. hope to see you soon sweets xx

  • Amy K

    I went to DL on my tod just to see LP. Hearing Hybrid Theory live was amaaaaaaazing!

    Love your layout by the way! Kind of got a Harry Potter vibe