Blog Business Cards from Moo

If you’re hopping around at blogger events, thinking of going ‘pro’ or just want to share your blog with the people you meet, business cards are a really easy way to do this, without having to scribble your blog name in liquid eyeliner on a napkin (I’ve actually done this).

I haven’t actually ordered business cards for my blog since I changed to a URL, which was bloody ages ago – but thanks to Klout, I managed to get a set of 50 for free from MOO, the go-to for bloggy business card needs. For those who don’t know what Klout is, it basically ‘rates’ you based off your interactions and influence on social media – across many different platforms.

I sort of wish I’d been more creative with the picture instead of just whacking my mug on it – but I really like the text side! I went to an event recently and actually had a few compliments on them, so I suppose they must be pretty alright really.

Moo ain’t particularly cheap for business cards, with 50 standard ones coming in at £13.19 + delivery. They also do 100 ‘mini’ cards, which are about half the height of the normal ones, for £12.23 – similar money but for double the amount (at half the size). Mine were also ‘green’ business cards, printed on more sustainable stock – it’s an extra £2 (thereabouts) for these.

I definitely think getting business cards is worth it if you want to increase your traffic and make new blogging friends – I’m much more likely to check out a blog if the blogger has a fabulous business card to offer me. Plus, you don’t want to be wasting your eyeliner…

*These business cards were a Klout ‘perk’, but this post is in no way sponsored by Moo or Klout, it’s just me sharing my favourite new freebies!
  • Cat Fyson

    I think it's great when bloggers have business cards – I was handed one at a recent event and thought I should probably get some! However, I always think about changing the branding of my blog so I just know I'd get a load of cards printed and then change the look!

    • admin

      I've kept to this look a while now and still really like it, so I think I'll be okay for a while!

  • Ebony Lauren Nash

    Definitely going to cash in on this one once I've finished tweaking my blog. Thanks for the review.

    • admin

      Ooh yay, glad I could be of help! :)