Five Favourites: Soap & Glory

My skincare/body stuff storage drawers (all two of them) are currently overflowing with pink, girly packaging. Yep, I’m a bit of a Soap & Glory hoarder. Most of it comes from treating myself to the Yule Monty gift set at Christmas, and then being given a fair few gift sets by people who know me and my hearty appreciation of things that smell pretty! I’m working my way through using them all, but there are five stand out products of theirs that I really love…

Heel Genius
£5.50 (125ml) (miniature version pictured)
I’ve already featured Heel Genius in another post, and it’s still a real go-to product when my feet need some TLC – especially with summer round the corner. It has a great consistency, and feels really refreshing too.

Scrub Of Your Life
£7 (200ml)
With SUMMER(!) feeling like it’s on it’s way at last and the awesome weather we’ve been having, I forsee plenty of legs and arms coming out of their winter hibernation. To get mine into a condition that won’t make everyone in London run off screaming, I’ve been using Scrub Of Your Life. I really like that it creates a lather as well as having gentle exfoliating beads, it makes my arms and legs feel really exfoliated without making them sore or drying them out.

The Righteous Butter
£10.50 (300ml) // £2.50 (50ml)
I do love me a good body butter, and I alternate between using this and Butter Yourself – honestly, there’s not a lot of difference between the two, but I do find The Righteous Butter great for really dry patches, which I get quite badly around my elbows. I love the way my skin feels in the morning when I’ve used this before bed, and the scent is gentle but rather lovely and comforting. I have both the full size (pictured) and travel size of this, which is pretty handy!

Sugar Crush Body Wash
£6.50 (500ml)
The scent of this is just amazing! I’m the worst morning person ever, but the zingy citrus smell is ace at waking me up from zombieland. It’s quite creamy, but still lathers well. £6.50 is a bit more than I’d usually think to pay for a shower gel, but I definitely think it’s good value as the bottle is HUGE – I’m barely getting through it!

Thick & Fast Mascara – Superjet Black
£10 (10ml)
I’ve been through a lot of mascaras in my time – but few have ever REALLY impressed me. Thick & Fast actually makes it up there, due to it’s ability to make my lashes look noticeably thicker and longer without clumping or going flaky. It has great staying power too, and the Superjet Black shade is a really striking, PROPER black.

S&G products are often on some kind of offer at the high street emporium of beauty dreams (otherwise known as Boots…), and although some of their products would probably be classed as more expensive than ‘budget’ ranges, I’d say they definitely offer good value for money. Plus…y’know…CUTESY PINK PACKAGING.

Are you a Soap and Glory fan? Let me know your favourite products in the comments below!

(on a side note – I’m loving having a garden and sunlight when I get in for taking blog photos!)
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