Healthy Snacks – Nakd Raw Wholefoods Bars

Natural Balance Nakd Bars*

Hello! Firstly – apologies that it’s been a while since I last posted, I’ve just been super busy and life has caught up with me a bit, as well as having some thoughts on some changes I’m thinking about with my blog. Bear with me, regular awesomeness will return in a couple of weeks!

This one’s a foodie post, with some awesome healthy snacks to try! I was recently sent some of these Nakd bars, and I’ve been snacking on them at work since and have finally tried them all! They’re made by Natural Balance Foods, a British company who make wholefoods that ‘taste good and do good’. These bars are made from dates and nuts, which initially made me think they wouldn’t be that tasty – but they really were! The consistency of the bars is soft and chewy – they’re cold pressed, never baked – similar to a cookie dough-like texture.

They’re really natural tasting, but the flavourings make them delicious and not bland like I’d expected ‘wholefoods’ to be. Being a bit of a chocoholic, my favourites were definitely the Cocoa Delight and Cocoa Mint bars – they genuinely tasted lovely and cocoa-y and are a great replacement for those who like to snack on a bar of chocolate during the day. I also really liked the Berry  Delight – it tasted super fruity, with none of the ‘processed’ taste of other snack bars.

I was really surprised by how tasty these were. I have to admit, my diet is a bit rubbish at times – but these have been brilliant for snacking at work!

The bars are suitable for vegans, and gluten, wheat and dairy free (although unfortunately not suitable for those with nut allergies!). You can pick them up online (with a multipack retailing at £13.99 for 18, which works out at about 77p a bar which is reasonable, considering the price of similar snack bars) and in most major supermarkets, in the wholefoods aisle.

Do you eat wholefoods – or are these something you’d love to try?

  • Catherine

    I love these for a grab snack at Sainsburys, the pecan or cashew ones are my faves. I tried to make my own a while back for t blog and it was pretty fun smooshing fruit and nuts into bars!

  • Alex

    I will need to check them out but never heard of this brand before. pecan pie & coffee mocha sound delicious!! x

  • Vanese

    Ooh, I've never tried these before but they look really yummy! In 2013 I'm hoping to get a good diet going so I'll definitely be trying these out. 🙂


  • beewaits

    Nkd bars are one of my fave things. Loads of my friends are vegan so always make sure have them in the house x

  • Naffy

    Need to try these xxxx

  • Nin

    I love these! Definitely the choc/orange one. I'm lactose intolerant and also mildly allergic to milk, and these are my favourite little things to pick up at the uni