Alexisonfire Farewell Tour, December 2012

Considering I didn’t get tickets when it was first announced, and they sold out, I managed to find myself at both of Alexisonfire’s farewell tour dates, on Sunday and last night, and I’m ridiculously happy I went. They’re a band that mean a lot to a lot of people I know, myself included – a lot of us have grown up with them, and the chance to see them play one last time was pretty unmissable – and emotional. It definitely showed in the crowd – with plenty of older fans who’d been along for the ride. I’d been getting excited for the Monday show for ages, as I’d had my ticket for a while, but the Sunday one was on a whim, getting my ticket about an hour before they actually went on stage!

They mixed the setlists around across the nights, which was awesome, and played a huge two hour set full of fan favourites. On Sunday they chose Crisis as opener, and for Monday they went for a more recent (ish!) choice of Young Cardinals – both great songs to start a set with. The energy was absolutely insane – I only braved the main pit once on a toilet trip, and it was absolutely crazy! For the most part, I was happy to stand back and take it all in, whilst having the space to dance around and scream my lungs out – particular highlights being…actually, I can’t do this, it was all amazing – the setlists are here for anyone interested!

Both nights were brought to a close with Happiness by the Kilowatt, which was absolutely stunning on both occasions. On the Sunday, I made it to the barrier for the very end of the song – unfortunately my phone had died, so no photos! I managed to keep my emotions in check for most of Sunday evening, but Monday did see some teary moments – one during This Could be Anywhere in the World, for some reason! I think for me and a lot of others there, the night marked something a bit more than just the end of an era for one of our favourite bands. For those of us who got into the band in our teens, and have now grown up and are fighting it out in the world of the ‘young professional’, it marked growing up, and moving on, but still being completely in love with the music of our journey.

And I’ll leave it there before I get crazy emotional and deep. To #theonlybandever, thank you.

P.S Go check out their newly-released EP, Death Letter – it’s got some awesome re-workings of some favourite tuuuunes!

  • Anastasia

    I don't think I have ever been so jealous. I adore Alexisonfire and I've only ever seen them the once, they were perfect though. The setlists look great as well, arghhhh 🙁 xx