Collection Big Fake Ultimate False Lash Effect Mascara

Collection Big Fake Ultimate False Lash Effect Mascara*, £5.99, Boots

A while ago, I had a bit of a rave about how much I love Benefit’s They’re Real mascara. Unfortunately, it got used up a little while ago, and at the time I was too poor to repurchase, so I tried out this one from Collection (y’know, formerly Collection 2000…I guess 2000 was a while ago now…). And I was actually very impressed!

The wand has a big fat brush end, which makes it easy to give lashes a good coating of mascara. I feel like not only did it make my lashes look long, it also helped thicken them up a bit too. The colour was nice and black, and even after one coat my lashes looked much fuller and lengthier. It’s waterproof too, and didn’t end up smeared all over my face, even when I got caught in the epic rain we’ve been having lately! The packaging is pretty nice too, and it has quite a classy feel despite the brightness of the red.

The only thing I sort of didn’t like is that the brush got clumpy very quickly, although nothing that a bit of a clean with a make-up wipe won’t clear up. Although I definitely want to go back to my Benefit one eventually, this is definitely a great choice for those looking to spend less on a mascara that definitely does the job!

What mascara do you use regularly?

  • I'm impressed! I usually use Falsies by Maybelline! Been wanting to try They're Real but just can't bear to part with the monies! xo

  • Emma K

    I really like Collection 2000 mascaras, so they're the ones I usually opt for. This is the one I'm using right now, and I really like it! Impressive, for the price. It does dry out fairly quickly, but it works really well nonetheless.
    Reeeaally wanna try the Benefit ones, but I just can't reason spending that much money on a mascara : (

    Xx. Emma @ ever–

  • Siobhan Emma

    I was sent this in a beauty box swap recently. After reading you review I'm looking forward to using it! xx

  • Holly

    I've been wanting to try this mascara for ages but wasn't sure if it would be any good, your lashes look absolutely amazing though!! I'll deffo have to try it now 🙂
    Love Holly x