£15 Chelsea Boots!

I know, I’m incredibly late to the fashion bandwagon with these, but I’ve wanted a pair of flat Chelsea boots for ages, but could never find any without a silly price tag. Most of the time, I tend to end up wearing ballerina pumps, which aren’t good for the winter, and usually result in soggy feet on rainy days, but I’m incredibly picky about boots so I rarely buy them. I was actually looking for a different style when I stumbled across these, in Shoe Zone for just £15! They’re incredibly comfy, and I don’t think they look like cheap boots. I actually have a bit of a weakness for Shoe Zone, I’ve found some great shoes in there and although they’re probably not a go-to for footwear that’ll last til you’re fifty, I find some of their shoes are actually better quality than Primark!

What will you be wearing on your feet this winter?

  • Vanese

    Ooh, these are such a good price. I've been looking for a flat pair too as my heeled ones are a little too much to wear to college and for some outings. I picked up some laced boots from Primark a few weeks ago for £8.00 which I'm loving and I can't stop wearing my brand new creepers! 🙂


  • Mademoiselle Lala

    This is a great price tag! I bought mine from Primark this year and so far – so good! X