What’s In My Handbag?

Aaand, I’m back after an awesome time in London! One bit of bad news, one of my bags got stolen – luckily most of my important stuff was in either my main handbag or my case, so I haven’t lost too much other than a few course notes which are all in a book anyway, and my house keys, which I’ve already sorted out.

However, the loss of a bag means only one thing – a new bag! And I thought this would be a good occasion to do something I’ve been planning for a while, a ‘What’s in my handbag?’ type post.

The bag was £9 from Primark, and it’s a perfect size – I usually end up buying bags that are either too big or too small, so this was a good find. I try to be quite streamlined with my bag contents, although junk does always seem to find it’s way in there!

Purse, from Accessorize // Book // Keys // Planner (see my post about it here!) // Pens // Camera // Ed Hardy perfume // Hand Sanitizer // Tissues // Wipes  // Coca Cola Cherry Lip balm // Ms. Manicure hand cream // Toni & Guy Classic Shine Gloss Serum // Chewing Gum // Hairbrush

Makeup Bag containing: PlayStick (Spin the Bottle), Benefit // ‘That
Gal’ primer, Benefit // ‘They’re Real!’ mascara, Benefit // High Beam
highlighter, Benefit // Glitter eyeshadow in ‘Night Sky’, 17 //
Exaggerate Eyeliner, Rimmel // Eyebrow Pencil, MUA // Victoria Jackson
compact // Lipstick (Shade 11), MUA // Tweezers

Do link me to any similar posts you’ve done – I love being nosy!

  • Cat

    You have a busy handbag! I've seen a lot of these sorts of blog posts and I'm always surprised at the amount of stuff people carry round with them! I pretty much keep my walkman, purse, keys, phone and a notebook and pen in my bag…and hand cream because winter hates my hands.
    Sad to hear your bag was taken but glad nothing too valuable was taken!

  • Belle du Brighton

    oh no!! cant believe it got stolen? people are such fuckwhits!!! (scuse my language!)
    I'm the same with bags, the bigger they are the more crap I fling in! I did a very deadpan whats in my bag video last month but as my boyfriend pointed out, I did not crack a smile once! whoops! the link is….


  • Temporary:Secretary

    I love these posts too! I always carry hand sanitizer with me, too. possibly the best thing i have in my handbag! such an essential xxx