London, Law and Curry.

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Hello world! I’m currently in London, chilling out in my hotel room on Wi-Fi that is somehow free, even though it shouldn’t be! The TV here is annoying me – why have BBC4 and not BBC3?! I
could be watching Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents, but no, I’m watching
some rubbish chart show thing with The Wanted on waiting patiently for
Britain’s Best Drives to hit BBC4 instead…how jealous are you of my life right now?!

So to cure my own boredom, I’m boring you all with some unexciting rambles about my life! I’m here for three days (two nights) to do a Media Law course at the London School of Journalism. I set off at 7am this morning on the train, and ended up walking into the wrong class and not realising for a couple of minutes, meaning I was late. Luckily it’s really relaxed, and the tutor was absolutely fine with it. The course itself has been really interesting, today was mainly about defamation and libel. I knew the basics already, but the case studies were really useful. The rest of the class are pretty awesome too, we went to an adorable little cafe for lunch. By the end of the day though, interesting as it was, six hours of listening after an early start was beginning to take it’s toll!

Tonight’s curry! (I didn’t get one of last night’s, so no comparison can be done!)

I’ve been a bit naughty the past two days – I went out for a curry with James for Valentine’s last night, and I’ve just had another curry downstairs in the Travelodge bar! It was nice though, and I’ve done a ridiculous amount of walking today what with not finding the hotel for ages and wandering all over the roads surrounding Waterloo station, so I can kind of justify it to myself. And those who follow me on Instagram might notice posting pictures of my curry is something I rather like to do…

An awful outfit picture as I don’t have the cable for my camera with me
so had to use Photobooth, but this is what I wore today! The dress is
one of my favourites, and it was only £8 from Primark! I find with some
things, they ‘look like they’re from Primark’, but this dress
could probably almost pass for vintage – well, I think so anyway! The accessories you can’t make out are my Temporary Secretary locket and leopard print heart ring that I posted about here.
I also wanted to feel a bit professional so I wore heels, something I
rarely do in the daytime. These are too lovely to save for night time
though! I got them for £6 in the New Look sale, where they always seem
to have the last pair of nice shoes left in a Size 4! So today’s outfit
is definitely bargain orientated. I’m going to pop to Oxford Street or
Westfields after I finish tomorrow, mainly to browse but if there’s
something I love, I might have to be tempted!

I also want to say a few thankyous – firstly, to my lovely followers, I’ve broken the hundred on GFC and am amazed that 100 of you are reading my posts! So thankyou 🙂 Secondly, I’m going to do a proper post on this when I get back as the photos are on my camera, but I recently participated in a Blogger Valentine’s Swap, arranged by Amy over at Paperbacks and Postcards. I received the nicest parcel from Belle over at Belle du Brighton, a blog I loved reading even before the swap! I shall go into more detail about her lovely presents when I’m back!

I’ll be seeing one of my closest friends from when I was younger on Friday for drinks, which is awesome! But, I’ve got another free evening tomorrow and sort of want to do some exploring after I shop – do any of you London locals have any recommendations on (preferably very cheap or free) things to see and do on a February eve in the capital?

  • Claire

    These shoes are just what I have been looking for – and I am a 4!

    • Milly

      They were in the sale in January, unfortunately I just had a look on the site and can't see them there 🙁 I hope you find a similar pair though!

  • Paperbacks and Postcards

    Sounds like you're having a good time in London! Thanks for the mention too, can't wait to read your post on the swap! x

    • Milly

      You're welcome 🙂 It'll be up at the weekend!

  • Rachel, Cold Knees

    Ooh that curry looks good! I did a course at the London School of Journalism in 2010 🙂 I would wander around Covent Garden or East London although they are touristy there's lots to see. I can never really think of anything good to recommend, sorry :S xx

    • Milly

      Haha its okay, I ended up being boring and just going to Oxford Street, although I picked up an awesome jumper in Topshop so it was a good choice! x

  • Emsipop

    Good luck with your course! I studied Law at college and this post has made me miss it!
    I absolutely LOVE that dress. If it's new, I will definitely be looking out for it in my local store.

    • Milly

      Thankyou 🙂 And unfortunately it's from last summer – might be worth a check on Ebay though!

  • evehut

    I hope you have a nice time in London. I have this dress too, it's great! What a bargain! 🙂

    • Milly

      It was! You have very good taste in dresses 😀 x

  • Marja

    I just found your blog and I love it!!!!


    • Milly

      Thankyou! 🙂 x

  • Sara

    Wow, love that dress!
    Lovely blog btw 😉

    • Milly

      Aw thankyou 🙂 And it's definitely one of my favourite dresses! x

  • Lauren

    Love your shoes and dress combo! You're such a good bargain hunter. I picked up two skirts today for $4 each!