High At Five.

I don’t know about anyone else, but this Friday seems to be dragging! I’m having a late lunch break now, as I’ve been rushing around taking photos of the Volunteering Fayre at work today. I got to run around with a camera snapping everyone (and taking lots of pictures of balloons…), which was quite an enjoyable way to spend the working day really!

I don’t really talk much about my job on here, and when I do it might seem like I do a very strange assortment of things! My official job title is Vice President (Activities) at a Students’ Union. The way Students’ Unions work are that they are run by officers elected for that year by the student body – we have five here. It’s a full-time, paid role – I graduated in June 2011, and started working full time here pretty much straight after. Each officer looks after different areas of the Union, and mine are Societies, Media and RAG (Raising and Giving).

My usual day consists of arriving at the office at either 9 or 10, saying hi to the two staff members I share an office with, then it’s on to checking and replying to emails, which I receive a lot of. Throughout the day, I tend to split my time between meetings, talking to students and replying to emails, and spend a fair bit of time away from my desk, which is nice. One great thing about my job is that I don’t have to wear anything specific – so I can come in dressed pretty much however I please, so one day I could make an effort in a nice dress, the next I could be slobbing it in jeans and a hoodie. I do prefer to dress quite nicely for work though!

In June, my term as Vice President finishes, but I’m running in this year’s elections for the role of President – follow me on Twitter for more news about that, as I might drop off the blog radar during campaign week! My job is amazing at times, because no two days are the same, and you never know what could crop up during the working day. The workload can get crazy at times, but  I get to lead talented, enthusiastic students in doing great things, and experience things I never would have otherwise. There are also a few nice perks, like occasional free food, going to conferences and training courses, lunching with Sheila Hancock (she’s fabulous!), and in March I’m off on a free trip to Italy. I do have to work for half of it, but it’s still pretty awesome.

Leaving Uni and starting work is definitely a scary prospect – I do still really miss the student lifestyle, but as most of my friends are students I still pretend! This job has definitely eased me into a ‘grown-up’ (debatable…) working life a little easier than some other jobs may have done (possibly because I’m more 10-6 than 9-5 here…). Despite how much I love working here though, I get just as excited about 5pm Friday (aka wine o’clock!!) as the rest of the working world!

Now over to you, lovely followers – what do you do with your working day?