Cheap and Cheerful Bargains!

I’ll be blogging something of substance soon I promise, but this is just a weekly haul round up, as this week was a bit shopping-heavy for me – I went to Wilkinsons to pick up two things, and ended up spending £20…oops! I love Wilko’s for home bargains as well as basic beauty essentials. I won’t post everything, as some of it’s boring things like deodorant and craft bits, but here are a few of my favourite picks. I’ve needed a shower cap for ages, as I don’t wash my hair every single day, and this one was just too cute to resist.

How cute is this shower cap (£1.30)?!
False Eyelashes, £1
Falsies for £1? I thought I’d give it a try, but the glue is absolutely horrendous – the lashes themselves are pretty nice though, so I’ll keep them for when my glue’s nicer!

Drawers, £2.75

How lovely are these drawers? I couldn’t resist the price, and they’re perfect for storing my nail varnishes. I’m tempted to go back and get some more for my make-up, which needs sorting out. And speaking of nails, I picked up this little polish set from Primark for just £2 – 50p per polish!! I’m not very into the whole ‘pastel’ trend that’s everywhere at the moment, but I don’t mind a hint of pastel and always think it looks good on nails, so the blue, mint and pink will be perfect for understated candy nails.

Nail polishes, Primark, £2
 This bag was something I got sent at work – it’s meant to be an
advertisment for a bag design competition, but I thought the bag itself
was pretty cool. I whacked some glitter on to spice it up, and I’ve been
using it for my laptop. I have a ton of the bags in my room, so I might
get DIY with them and make them all awesome looking – perhaps even give
some away!

Short Belted Mac, £38, Next

Possibly the most exciting thing, my new jacket came! I’m very fussy about coats, and when I found this Mac in Next I knew it was perfect. I love its vaguely nautical feel, and as a plus when I took it to the till, I saw an advertisment for £10 off your first purchase online – so I did it there instead. After postage, it only saved me about £7 – but every pound counts, right?!

I’m really looking forward to the coming week, although it’s a busy one. I’m only in work for two days, as I’m spending Wed-Fri in London doing a Media Law course through work. I get to be a tube commuter, which excites me – it sounds very lame, but I’ve always imagined myself successfully working in London – and for a few days, I’ll actually have the chance to feel a bit like that. I also get to catch up with some friends I haven’t seen in a while, which is lovely too.

As well as London, I’m having a very understated V-Day with James, pretty much just going to the pub for some food. We were going to go to Chiquitos as we’ve been meaning to go there for ages anyway, but it’s booked up. So the likelihood is 2 meals for £6 and maybe a bottle of £6 wine for a cheep, cheerful alternative to spending a fortune just because it happens to be February 14th!

What are your plans for the week? And for Valentine’s, if you celebrate it?

  • Blaming Beauty

    Those drawers you're using for your nail varnishes are so pretty, I may have to look in Wilkinsons!xx

    • Milly

      Thankyou! I'd definitely advise it, but be warned, I get carried away whenever I nose around there! x

  • champagnediamond

    The nail varnishes are all nice colours! Love the bag haha!!


  • Rachel, Cold Knees

    Love the look of the drawers, a definite bargain there! Hehe enjoy London, I can assure you commuting on the tube is not a pleasant experience! xx

    • Milly

      I'd probably hate it if I had to do it every day – I guess when it's a novelty it's very different to every day. I only have to go on one line from Waterloo to Maida Vale though, so it shouldn't be too hectic (I hope!) x

  • Jasmine

    your coat is fab! great buys! x

  • Forever Miss Vanity

    Love those Nail varnishes. I've just got back from London and I really enjoyed going there for awhile, but i wish i was back already.

    Beautiful blog honey, I'm following 🙂


    • Milly

      Thankyou! And I do love London, it's the 'always busy' atmosphere that makes it appealing, I think. x

  • evehut

    I love the boring bag! Really cleaver advertisement 🙂

  • HELen

    The little drawers look so handy and what a bargain !! Great finds ! I really like the tote bag too.. Haha. Love to see how you customise the ones you already have.



  • Cat

    Wilkos have loads of amazing Home stuff! The drawers are really cute. Let us know if the Primark varnishes are any good!

    • Milly

      They are! I've done each nail a different colour, it reminds me of how I used to do my nails back in my teenage days, haha! x

  • Temporary:Secretary

    the storage box is lovely, and such good value!! I was expecting it to be about £10! i am going to buy one (or two!) this week! Need to organise my room, and these drawers are a good start! xxxx

  • underthewillowtrees

    I love the bag, definitely something I would take to work. I like Wilkinsons for cheap, cheerful bath stuff, but we don't have one anywhere near us anymore 🙁 xx

  • chazzehhh

    Eyelashes for £1 😮 must get me some of those. I bought a large bottle of Eyelure eyelash glue recently, it cost somewhere just under £4, so it's doesn't matter how cheap my eyelashes are, I just make sure I use that glue and they stay on!
    I love the Primark nail varnishes too, I don't think I can wear much of the pastel trend cos I'm so pale that I just don't think it will suit me, but the nails are cute!


  • Sarah

    I love the drawers and the shower cap, they are so cheap but in my favourite polka dot print! I need to get myself into Wilkinsons, I didn't think it was possible to spend £20 there as everything is so cheap haha! Good luck on the tube, when I had to travel to work in central London sometimes it wasn't very pleasant unless you are coming from zone six because then it's empty and you can get a seat. xx

  • Stella

    Those drawers are perfect for nail varnish storage and it's super affordable too! My storage is absolutely appalling, must try and find something like that 🙂

  • Yolandaas

    Thats funny, I bought that shower cap a couple of weeks ago too lol.. x