Be My (Interesting) Valentine – A Gift Guide

I’m rubbish at Valentine’s Day. I’m just not one for sap and soppiness, and resent spending loads of cash on generic tat. Having a trawl of the internet, I’ve managed to find some more exciting, unusual and lovely presents that hopefully help out any last minute Valentiners, like myself!

1. Jammie Dodger ring, TruffleShuffle, £8.99
2. Carve Your Own Wooden Postcard, Valentines Gifts, £3.99 (HOW adorable?!)
3. Love Monkeys Sock Creature Craft Kit, Not On The High Street, £15
4. Love Hearts Egg Cups and Cosies, I Want One Of Those, £7.99
5. Do Not Disturb Gift, Lush, £16.95 – contains Dirty Toothy Tabs, ‘Sex Bomb’ ballistic, ‘Lust’ soap and a ‘Soft Couer’ massage bar.

1. 3 month Curry Recipe Kit Subscription, BuyAGift, £20 – fantastic if your bloke’s not a fan of the soppy stuff!
2. Chocolate Pizza, Prezzybox, £12.95
3. ‘I Love You’ vintage letter tile magnets, Not On The High Street, £4.50
4. USB Mix Tape, Getting Personal, £19.99 – Mixing technology with old school mixtape romance, it will hold up to an hour of music so you can make your own ‘mixtape’, in a classic looking cassette tape case.

And if you’ve got a single friend with a sense of humour you’re always trying to set up, she might appreciate this! Knit Your Own Perfect Boyfriend, I Want One Of Those, £9.99
  • evehut

    Oh I want the Jammie Dodger ring! It's awesome 🙂

    • Milly

      Cute, isn't it? A Valentine's present to yourself maybe?! x

  • Sarah

    I'd be so happy with the Jammie Dodger ring or the chocolate pizza, I like my desserts hehe :)! I agree though, why do people spend so much on things like love heart balloons for valentines day? It seems like people spend their money on such useless things this time of year! xo

  • Yasmin;

    Ah I love these ideas, I hate soppy stuff too I find it really awkward aha. The mix tape usb is definitely a good one for him too 🙂 x

  • Sophie Isobel

    I love these ideas! The Jammie Dodger ring is amazing and the sock monkeys are really cute 🙂 x

  • Alex

    Love the wooden postcards!! Great ideas!!

  • Caroline Ergy Erg

    I want that usb mix tape!! So cool 😀 liking the jammie dodger ring too haha!

  • Boho Vanity

    really nice ideas. cute blog doll xx

    My Blog: Boho Vanity

  • ShyScout

    Haha I really like you picks. I really like #2 from the her section :]

    • Milly

      Thankyou! That's what I've got for the boyfriend, although I hope he doesn't read this now! x