Be My (Interesting) Valentine – A Gift Guide

I’m rubbish at Valentine’s Day. I’m just not one for sap and soppiness, and resent spending loads of cash on generic tat. Having a trawl of the internet, I’ve managed to find some more exciting, unusual and lovely presents that hopefully help out any last minute Valentiners, like myself!

1. Jammie Dodger ring, TruffleShuffle, £8.99
2. Carve Your Own Wooden Postcard, Valentines Gifts, £3.99 (HOW adorable?!)
3. Love Monkeys Sock Creature Craft Kit, Not On The High Street, £15
4. Love Hearts Egg Cups and Cosies, I Want One Of Those, £7.99
5. Do Not Disturb Gift, Lush, £16.95 – contains Dirty Toothy Tabs, ‘Sex Bomb’ ballistic, ‘Lust’ soap and a ‘Soft Couer’ massage bar.

1. 3 month Curry Recipe Kit Subscription, BuyAGift, £20 – fantastic if your bloke’s not a fan of the soppy stuff!
2. Chocolate Pizza, Prezzybox, £12.95
3. ‘I Love You’ vintage letter tile magnets, Not On The High Street, £4.50
4. USB Mix Tape, Getting Personal, £19.99 – Mixing technology with old school mixtape romance, it will hold up to an hour of music so you can make your own ‘mixtape’, in a classic looking cassette tape case.

And if you’ve got a single friend with a sense of humour you’re always trying to set up, she might appreciate this! Knit Your Own Perfect Boyfriend, I Want One Of Those, £9.99