That Friday feeling!

This week has been pretty tiring, I’ve been back at work since Tuesday, and despite having yesterday off it’s really worn me out! It’s nice being back though, as it’s good to see people again. Someone we work with had a birthday, but we didn’t find out until nearly 5pm, so we made him some makeshift presents. I put the faulty-printing Christmas card I had left over to good use, by drawing birthday hats on the peas, and we put some Vimto, ketchup and a piggy bank into an old Celebrations tub. We’re creative under pressure!

Wednesday night, my friend Sam was down, so me and Jamie (my housmate) went for dinner and drinks with him. I also discovered the amazingness that is Rekorderlig cider. I LOVE fruit cider/beer, but have always thought Koppaberg was overrated – so finding out the pub has replaced it with something I found to be far, far nicer made me happy! Give it a try if you get the chance – I highly recommend the Apple and Blackcurrant!

Yesterday, I took a day off work to go and visit James (the boyfriend!) whilst he was still at home on Uni holidays. The day didn’t get off to a great start, with trains being delayed all over the shop, but thanks to his mum being awesome and picking me up at Three Bridges, I still got there when I was meant to! We had a day of doing absolutely nothing but watching TV and playing with the famous Alfie! He’s popped up on my blog before, he’s James’ absolutely adorable kitty. He likes boxes and sleeping in odd places, and confuses himself a lot!

Tonight’s been lovely so far, I went to the gym after work (okay, that bit, not so lovely – but productive!), then had a bath with candles and my Soap and Glory face mask, and pampering myself a bit – it definitely feels deserved! The weekend is stretching ahead like a lovely, lazy expanse of awesome, with nothing to do but relax, and I’m feeling good!

What have you lovely readers got planned this weekend?

  • Rachel, Cold Knees

    aw what a cute kitty 🙂 I rather like Rekorderlig cider too! Haven't got much planned this weekend, hope you have a lovely one! xo

  • Milly

    He is, isn't he! 🙂 And thankyou, I hope you do too! x

  • Kirsten

    I love Kopparberg, have only tried the strawberry and lime one but it was delicious. Am yet to try Rekorderlig though! Cider is yummm. Hello kitty cat!

  • Katie

    I love Rekorderlig cider, the strawberry&lime flavour is delicious.
    Your boyfriend's cat is adorable btw!


  • twograzedknees

    Ooo that sounds yummy! did you try the cinnamon and cranberry over christmas I think it was brothers? Fruli is my favourite fruity beer or brothers toffee apple cider mmmmmm ( I daren't even think how many calories must be in it!) xo

  • Milly

    I didn't – I'm not really a fan of cinnamon! But Fruli is AMAZING, the pub opposite my work sell it, so post-work drink temptation happens a lot! x