Planning in Style

I’m quite obsessive about stationery, and that’s a bit of an understatement. I always feel better when I have a nice, clean, pretty diary. After seeing Jen’s post about the planner she was sent by, the stationery geek and the organisational geek in me met and fell in love, and I ended up spending about two hours playing around designing my planner before actually purchasing it. The story behind the website starts back in 2006, when the creator’s wife wanted a new diary, but was unimpressed with the lack of choice in the shops so decided to create a planner unique to her. Fast forward to now, and thousands of customers have used the website to create their own unique planners.

I plumped for the medium sized planner, as it’s nice and square, big enough for me to fit everything in but compact enough not to take up tons of space in my bag. The design I ended up choosing for the cover is the Alkaline Trio poster that I have tattooed on my calf, and the back cover is plain black, with a red elastic to keep it shut (I HATE ones that don’t have this, as the pages always get crumpled!)

The main draw of the planner is it’s customization options, this is my front page (with my favourite quote!):

The pages themselves are simple, functional and very cute! You can choose a Month and Week background design, as well as whether to have the days ruled, striped and the hour put alongside them. And for the lower sections, you can choose from options such as ‘to-do’ lists, a space for notes, list of the week and squared paper. The pages at the back are also customisable, including ruled notepaper, overview of the year graph paper and addresses.

Another unique and useful feature is printing in special/important dates. I’ve imported friend’s birthdays from Facebook, as well as Rent and Paydays! It saves time going through old diaries/Facey-B and writing them in manually, as well as looking clean and neat.

As you can see, mine is being put to good use!

Prices start from £22 for a small planner, with a medium at £26 going up to the largest size at £30 – plus £3 p&p. A bit pricey, but the customisation options allow you to really make it your own, and the paper and cover are of good quality. For organisational buffs who want stylish diaries that stand out from the crowd, or as a quirky gift, these planners really are something lovely. You can get hold of one from

(Note: not a sponsored post, or a freebie – I just love the planner!)

  • Funny Little Frog

    Great review, it looks fab, maybe worth a look next year. I can't justify getting one this year when I already have one xxx

  • Paperbacks and Postcards

    Wow this is so cool! I might buy one of these when I get paid as I'm about to pop my filofax on ebay as it's too small for me! xx

  • Ash

    Just found your blog, love it!!
    And I just made myself one of these organizers, I'm such a sucker for stationary, couldnt resist!!