My Choice? Irregular!

I’ve always lusted over fabulous footwear, but I’ll admit it – until recently, I wasn’t a heels girl – however, being about 5ft 1, I need to be! Plus, there are so many gorgeous heels out there just begging for a place on my shoe rack – what’s a girl to do? Sarenza are offering one blogger the chance to be their ambassador by talking about shoes they love – amazing! (In case you hadn’t realised, this is my entry!) After a long browse across a whopping 400+ brands on the site, I picked these quirky Irregular Choice ‘Kurios Oranj’ heels as the shoes I’d most like to be tottering around town in. 
Originating from THE city of cool, Brighton, Irregular Choice have turned footwear head over high heels, with their Japanese-inspired style guaranteeing you’ll stand out from the crowd in these babies!
I love the deep purple that makes up the body of the shoe (I have a purple dress that they’ll match PERFECTLY), and the mix of textures creates a luxurious feel. Teamed with the 10cm chunky, transparent pink heel, the shoes ooze high fashion – but in an incredibly wearable way. The sequin mixed-material bow at the toe is a stunning focal point, and I’m sure Sarenza take no responsibility for the people falling at your feet in the street to get a closer look! 
At £94.40, they’d mean a bit of saving up, but these shoes being a new addition to my fast-growing heels collection would be an absolute dream. Sarenza also offer free delivery and free returns – but who’d want to send these back?!
  • Ciara Baron

    Oo i love irregular cboice heels! I got some beatiful ones that i wore to my prom, but i definitely need some that are easier to walk in.

    Ciara xx

  • I am practically obsessed with this brand! They had a pair, a few seasons back, called the Ice Cream Countess (I think) and I wanted them so badly! Love this brand!

    Love & Lollies… Jessa

  • HELen

    Argh! Love this brand.. My fav pair are my little black boots with the cats. They're not too high either. Lovely blog!



  • Maisy

    My jaw literally dropped when I saw that pair! My first thought was "ooh dangly bits!" … then realised how creepy that sounded but never mind eh? I have one pair, white with red hearts, that I wore for a birthday but could only wear them because I was sat down in a restaurant for most of it. I couldn't even walk home! So they sit on a shelf looking utterly gorgeous but probably won't get used again for a long time. Still nothing wrong with looking at them online is there? It's free after all! xxx


  • chazzehhh

    I love these shoes! Irregular Choice have lush shoes, my faves are the ice-cream ones, I don't own any unfortunately but if I did I think I would have a shelf built for them in my room so that they could be on display all the time cos they're like art!

    I was at the Download festival in my picture 🙂


  • Vivi K

    These are so much fun! The little charms on the top of the heel remind me of the pooh bears that have costumes. 🙂 Adooooorable!

    Much love, Vivi

  • Milly

    Thanks for all your lovely comments! I'm obsessed with these shoes after writing this! x

  • Katie

    I love irregular choice shoes and how they're so different, they recently had some cat ones, they were adorable!