FeelUnique Beauty Box – Jan 2012

Ever since hearing the buzz surrounding them, I’d always wanted to check out the new trend of Beauty Boxes. For those of you who don’t know what they are, they’re a box of (usually higher end/luxury) beauty product samples delivered to your door to try out. I finally took the plunge this month, deciding to opt for FeelUnique’s Beauty Box. At £9.95 inc. delivery, it’s at the cheaper end of the boxes, and consists of five different product samples (and sometimes they throw in a complimentary little extra, which is always nice!)

In this month’s box…

Lierac Creme Mesolift Anti-Aging Radiance

I don’t normally look out for anti-ageing products, so this isn’t the kind of thing I’d normally pick up. However, I was very pleasantly surprised. Don’t be put off by the fact it’s orange! It had a lovely creamy but not greasy consistency, and really did perk my skin up. Since I’ve been using it, my skin has actually felt much softer and glow-y. It also has a lovely scent – it reminded me a little of Advocaat, strangely! A little goes a long way too – I’d love to buy the full size version, although at £30.60 (50ml) it’s rather steep – however, it’s done such a good job I might seriously consider it – or pop it on the birthday list!

Caudalie Vinotherapie Nourishing Body Lotion

I already have a lot of moisturisers, so I wasn’t massively excited by this one. It definitely did a decent job making my skin soft and had a light, fresh scent, but I do already have plenty of moisturisers that do the job just as well. I’ll enjoy using my sample but won’t be repurchasing, for that reason!

Full size – £21.50 (400ml)

this works Clean Skin for the Face

I’ve heard good things about this brand, and the cleanser was enjoyable to use. Fresh scent and a lovely consistency, my skin did feel really clean and refreshed afterwards. But as with the moisturiser above, I already have cleansers that do the job just as well, and are much cheaper too. £18 for a basic cleanser isn’t something I’d be willing to splash out!

Full Size – £18 (150ml)

Phyto PhytoBaume Color Protect Express Conditioner

I absolutely hate taking longer than I need to when washing my hair, so the ‘express’ part of this really grabbed me. Using as directed, and rinsing instantly after applying, I was quite apprehensive – but it really worked! My hair was definitely soft and shiny afterwards, and it kept my colour vibrant. I use quite a lot of conditioner on my hair so only got 2 washes out of this sample, but would definitely consider buying the full size product!

Full Size – £10.20 (150ml)

Dead Sea Spa Magik Salt Brushing

In the box were two sachets of this salt scrub. Unfortunately I don’t have a body brush, so couldn’t keep exactly to instructions, but it definitely gave me a good scrub, and my skin felt incredibly soft afterwards (teamed with the moisturiser, I’m an unstoppable smooth bomb!!). The only minor issue I found with it is that if you have any cuts on your hands, keep the scrub well away from them, as it stings like hell if you don’t!

Full Size – £13.30 (500g)

Lierac Comfort Peel Wrinkle Smoother Renewing Cream (Complimentary Sample)

I also recieved a complimentary sample, another Lierac product – this time, a wrinkle smoothing cream. Unfortunately, my teenage-looking face doesn’t have any wrinkles yet, so I can’t say whether it works or not, but I might pass it on to someone else who might have use for it!

Full Size – £22.10 (40ml)

Overall Verdict
I have to say, I’m pretty happy with my Beauty Box – particularly the Lierac moisturiser. It’s introduced me to some luxury products that I wouldn’t have considered using otherwise, and is definitely worth the £9.95 I think. I’m tempted to give some other boxes a try too, and would like more make-up samples in a boxbut for now I’ll be looking forward to my February Beauty Box!

Do you recieve any Beauty Boxes? What do you think of them?

  • Sophie Isobel

    I love the concept of beauty boxes, but I can't afford to fork out an extra tenner each month for something that might be awful! I did get a Glossy box last month though and it was really good 🙂 x

  • Milly

    I probably shouldn't be spending the money, but I can't resist getting something exciting in the post! Oooh, I did have a look at the Glossy Box website, their boxes do look awesome – but I really can't justify getting TWO boxes a month! x

  • Jessamyn Read

    These all look really lovely!

  • Rosie [a rosie outlook]

    Ooh that's funny, I thought Feel Unique always did the same stuff in every box but I got a couple of bits different to you, in particular very jealous of your This Works face wash! I think Feel Unique is the best of all the boxes, it always has good stuff in it I find. I wasn't mad keen on the salt scrub though, seemed a little awkward to use!

    • Milly

      I know I made a few choices with skin type and such, maybe they use those? The face wash is definitely nice to try, as it's something I could never afford normally – a nice treat! And I think the scrub would probably work better with a body brush as recommended, possibly? xx

  • Louise x

    I've used that salt magik scrub before, it's amazing isn't it!! I keep meaning to sign up to one of these beauty boxes, i keep reading so many blogs about them and they sound amazing! x


    • Milly

      It does make my skin nice, but it's traumatic trying not to get it in all the cuts around my fingernails (my fingers are horrible, haha!). I'd say it's definitely worth giving them a go – trying things out you'd never think to buy (or couldn't afford!) is always nice! x

  • Alex

    I had to unsubscribe from FU… I was disappointed with the December one. 🙁
    I still got glossybox and joliebox tho… I can't wait to get the next ones!! 🙂

    • Milly

      Aww no 🙁 What sort of stuff is normally in it? Both Glossybox AND Joliebox are tempting me, this could be bad for my bank account! xx