DIY Ring Box

Due to my ring collection increasing pretty rapidly of late, I needed somewhere nice to store them instead of strewn all over my dressing table. Instead of splashing lots of cash on buying a ring box, I got crafty! I used an old Ferrero Rocher tub, some nail varnish and some gold stars I found around the house to make this little beauty. It was really simple, and can be done using any nail varnish (glittery works well!) and pretty bits and pieces lying around!

Tip: Use a light coloured felt tip pen to sketch out the writing, and simply write over it with the nail varnsh. I used glittery nail varnish to stick on the stars too – it looks better than glue if you make a mistake and smudge it.

It looks cute on my dressing table, keeps me organised, was easy to make and best of all, was created purely out of things I already have – so I’ve saved enough to buy more rings to fill it with!

  • Claire

    This looks great and I ever would have guessed it was a FR box!!! X

    • Milly

      Thankyou! And it's amazing what use you can make out of them – my mum uses them to store everything! x

  • Funny Little Frog

    Great idea, I've got myself a nice collection of organza bags from weddings I've been to so most of my rings are in them for now xxx

  • cool idea, it looks pretty! x