Company: Restyled

I’m absolutely in love with the newly restyled Company mag! Despite being a complete magazine junkie I’ve always had issues with some women’s magazines – the fashion is usually too high-end (I don’t do designer!), and I sometimes find the articles patronising and pandering to a stereotype of how women are, and should be. But I’ve always been a fan of Company, with it’s affordable style, feisty attitude and truly engaging articles. The articles speak to you like a BFF, and the focus on guest edits and bloggers is something few magazines are brave enough to do.

All those things that I know and love about Company are still there, but with a fresh new style. The mag’s been shrunk down to fit perfectly into a handbag, which is brilliant for on-the-go reading. The paper used has a more matte finish which I absolutely love, as I’ve always hated how my bedside light bounces off glossy pages, making it harder to read things (an odd complaint, but it really bugs me!). The attention to design and ‘journal’-esque style is another thing I love about Company, and the almost blog-like feel has been enhanced even more with the new styling.

As for the content, some highlights from this months issue? ‘OMG Make-up’ is gorgeously photographed and kitschy, whilst ‘How Far Would You Go For Louboutins’ is a shocking real-life story of a woman are tempted into prostitution to pay off her expensive lifestyle. ‘It’s a Social One Night Stand’ highlights the magazine’s knack of picking up on those things that we really do on a night out, and ‘I Love It, He Hates It’ features style bloggers giving the real scoop on how men see the fashions we love. The new final page, ‘Unlikely Style Icon’ takes a lighthearted look at fashion – this month featuring the legendary Pat Sharpe and his fabulous mullet…er, I mean, on-trend double denim. Okay, yeah, the mullet not so much.
If you haven’t picked up an issue of Company, now’s the time! Relevant, humorous and exciting, it’s cheaper than a glass of wine – and lasts far longer!
  • I agree the new restyle is amazing!

  • MakeupbyNix

    I couldn't agree more with this summation of the new Company mag. I absolutely love it; an excellent mix of affordable high street with some higher-end pieces thrown in for good measure (but not necessarily beyond my financial reach either, like Grazia, Vogue, Elle, etc. tend to feature). I love the new matte paper – it makes it stand out amongst it's competitors and in a way it feels really luxurious?! Definitely worth the money. As you rightly point out, the styling and photography is inspirational too. LOVE! Also, just found your blog as Company retweeted you and I am so pleased – it's a lovely little space you have here! 🙂 Nicole x

  • Milly

    Thank you for following! I wasn't expecting a response as I know they get a lot of tweets, so it was lovely of them to take the time 🙂 x

  • Rachel, Cold Knees

    I've never bought Company magazine until this issue but I loved how it felt, and the new style etc. I'm a convert 🙂 xx

    • Milly

      Yay! It's my favourite women's magazine for sure 🙂 Glad you like! x

  • I need to get this issue! I love the restyle! I always get Company because it's not as expensive as some other magazines and always seems more 'down to earth' if that makes sense? xo

  • Milly

    I definitely agree – unlike a lot of other magazines, the kind of articles it features are much more 'me', I feel! x

  • Dotty Dolly

    I absolutely love Company's new design! It's so unique and such a great magazine to read!

    Great post 🙂 xxx

    • Milly

      Thank you 🙂 I'm glad you like it! x