App-y New Year!

App-ologies for the dreadful pun… I’ll admit it, I’m an app junkie. Since switching to the iPhone over the summer, I’ve tried out lots of different apps for all kinds of things. Unfortunately for you non-Apple users, this is a bit of an iPhone biased article in places, but I tried to put as many multi-platform ones in as possible, and  I’d love for you all to share your favourite apps in the comments, especially for other platforms so everyone gets the drop on all the best apps for your smartphone!

(iPhone – free. Online version available!)
Love seeing your favourite bands and artists live? Songkick creates a personal concert planner based on your iPod library. You can also add to the ‘Your Artists’ tab to see where your faves are playing at the touch of a button, as well as saving locations near you to easily scroll through who’s playing where near you. Even better, each concert has a map and links to a page with a list of ticket vendors and prices, other users attending and related events that might be of interest to you. Plus, you can make your own personal calendar of gigs you’re attending/wanting to attend.

(iPhone, Android – free. Blackberry & Windows Phone – coming soon, register now. You can also print online vouchers, and send by SMS)

(iPhone, Android – free. Online printable vouchers)

Strapped for cash, but want to live a life of (a little) luxury? Discount vouchers are the way to go! These nifty little apps save you money in loads of places, from restaurants to shops, and locate deals within walking distance from where you are. There’s no need to worry about carrying a purse of printed vouchers either, as they can all be shown to the vendor on your phone. So if you’re in a new city and want to find a cheap deal for lunch, the app will do it for you! Recently, myself and my boyfriend wanted to have a nice meal out and found a deal at Cafe Rouge, somewhere we couldn’t have otherwise afforded, but we got two main courses and two starters for the price of just one main! Amazing deal – and the steak was lovely!

(iPhone, Android – free. Blackberry, standard network text message rate)
I can’t count the amount of times I’ve used this app to check what time my train gets in! It’s great for finding out train times on the go, as well as linking to the Trainline site and buying advance tickets at prices that are almost a steal. You can also set your ‘home station’, to instantly find out when the next train back to your cosy bed is!

(iPhone – free. Android – coming soon)
The classic, probably most well known, and so far my favourite app for editing photos with awesome effects. There are sixteen different filters that transform your shots into works of art – my favourites are Earlybird and Lomo, but trying them all out is part of the fun! You can also check out your friends’ pics with the ‘Feed’ tab, and the app also sends your photos to a web feed which stores all your edited photos for easy online sharing.

Image: Technology Tell

(iPhone – free)
Want to make a frame collage of your favourite photos? Frametastic allows you to choose a multi-photo frame, add your pics, pinch and drag them into place, and finally add filters to each separate photo. The style of frame can be modified too, from a modern ‘Wood’ frame to the classy ‘Wedding’ and chic ‘Museum’.

Camera Art FX Free
(iPhone – free)
If you’re looking for something a little more unique than basic photo filters, Camera Art FX allows you to transform your photos into comic book prints, pencil and ink drawings and neon line drawings. You can also film videos in the same effects and alter the thickness of the lines and modify the shading. Great for fun, quirky pictures that make you look ‘a bit arty’ without even trying!

 (‘Vintage’, ‘Line drawing’, ‘Neon’, ‘Poster’)
  • I'm an app-fiend myself, I recently downloaded 'Retro Camera' (aka an instagram rip-off) for free on Android and cannot stop raving about it, it's awesome! I like thetrainline too, but myvouchercode just doesn't work for me, it makes my phone forceclose, boo! xxx