…and a Happy New Year!

…and a Happy New Year!

Happy 2012! I’ll undoubtedly be writing ‘2011’ on everything for the next three months, as usual. What did you guys all get up to for New Years? And are you excited for the year ahead?

For my New Year’s, I firstly went round to my friends Tash and Sophie’s – with Milly (another one!), Jonny and Sophie’s boyfriend. We played a crazy version of ‘categories’, with table slapping and shots of vodka with the teeniest amount of Red Bull – mixed very badly by Milly! Afterwards, we went to a club in Norwich called Project, where we danced the night away and I nearly got into a huge argument with someone trying to push in front of us in the smoking queue. Do not mess with drunken Millys!

 Jonny pretending he was at a protest with a megaphone // Double the Milly! // All of us (and a randomer’s elbow!) // Tash, Sophie and Milly // Myself and Tash, who was my date for the night as we were out with two couples! // I FOUND A FLAG!

Today I got to have a lie in with a massive hangover, then went into Norwich to meet Lauren to do a bit of shopping, although I forgot my bank card so couldn’t buy much! We also had a beer and burger at Wetherspoons, and reminisced about the Uni days – reminding me how much I miss them!

This was today’s shopping outfit – apologies for the awful quality, I was running late so took a quick snap in my mum’s room. The shoes are also slight heels, and I was very impressed with myself running around the city in them all day!
Dress – from a boutique in Cromer ages ago, Cardi – my mum’s!, Belt – M&Co, Shoes – New Look.
Two amusing T-shirts I found. ‘Wild’ is an in-joke with our old housemates, and the happy ghost PJ top is so adorable – unfortunately I didn’t have enough to buy it!

We also both bought one of these crazy ice cube makers, for 50p at New Look!

I’ve just finished packing all my things to go back to Portsmouth tomorrow – I miss it, although I know I’ll miss being home and my family too. Dad’s driving me down, and he’s offered to take me on a food shopping trip to Asda when we get there (I LOVE food shopping – especially when it’s a parent sponsored trip!). And then back to work on Tuesday, so I’ll be busy busy again!

  • Kirsten

    I loooooooove your hair. It's so shiny and pretty. Sounds like you had a great New Year's! I did nothing apart from sit at home in my pyjamas watching some crap movie with Justin Timberlake in it. It was terrrrible.

  • Lori Nugent

    Hey lovely blog, would love if you'd check mine out and follow x

  • Lidiya

    The photos are super cool! And as someone has already commented, I also adore your hair! The bright red is so intense, stunning <3

  • Megan

    Ohhhh I love that ice cube maker!!!! And those tops are amazing!! Xxx


  • WOLF359

    Happy New Year! By those pictures it looks like you had fun! I wish you all the best for 2012!

  • Milly

    Thankyou for your lovely comments 🙂 Especially about my hair – it takes a lot of work to get it that bright, haha! x

  • Happy new year! I love your hair, it is making me want my red hair back 🙂 xx

    Ps. I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you'd like to enter 🙂