A trip down memory lane!

One of my favourite things about being home besides the fam and having my washing and cooking done for me (it’s a luxury I never truly appreciated until I moved out!) is having a nose through all my old stuff. I do it every time I come home for a long period of time – everything’s the same, but for some reason it’s something I love doing. Cringing at old pictures and diary entries is a big part of it too!

 (top-bottom, L-R) A page from a ‘scrapbook’ I kept when I was younger, just of things I liked the look of! // Lots of my letters – I used to write to quite a lot of people, and I really miss that, post is exciting! Let me know if you’d like a letter, haha! // Another scrapbook page! // An autographed photo of Blue Peter presenter Simon Thomas, because I’m that cool! // Programmes from plays I went to see – Chicago was actually on Broadway, which was amazing! // A page from my old art scrapbook (I was never very good at drawing, as you can see!), when I was doing a project I decided to base on on Moulin Rouge.

  • laurdows

    i cant believe youve got a signed photo of simon thomas!
    following you 🙂
    laur x


  • Milly

    Haha, he's originally from near where I am, and they filmed Blue Peter in my town once. My friends from school got to be on it, and I was incredibly jealous! Thankyou for the comment and follow 🙂 x