New Year, New Hair!

I ventured into town to John Olivers to get my hair cut! Really happy with it, I haven’t had a full fringe in ages and I always feel like it makes me look healthier (and possibly younger). The conditioner and shampoo they used also seemed to brighten up my hair a little, which is nice. For a £17 cut and blow dry, I’m very happy. Although I always have a nightmare with it growing back!

Whilst I was in town waiting for my Dad to pick me up, I also went on a mini-shop to boots, and picked up some Fearne Cotton Nail Wraps. I’ve always wanted to give nail wraps a go, but never got round to it. As these were in the sale for £3, I had nothing to lose! Although the premise of them seems pretty simple, I did find it a bit tricky at first, and the finished result isn’t entirely perfect with a few bumpy bits at the edges (as you can see…!). But they look pretty from a bit of a distance! I expect those practised in using them would get a better effect, and at the price they were a good practice run.

Fearne Cotton Nail Art, £3, Boots

I also bought some miniature Toni and Guy Shine Gloss Serum for my new bonce – didn’t need to use it today, but it smells nice!

Toni & Guy Shine Gloss Serum, £2.19 (10ml), Boots

I have quite a big obsession with miniature products! Even though I know the bigger ones are almost always better value, there’s something about the size and cuteness I can’t resist. Plus, they fit in my handbag better and are especially good for trying a new product without shelling out for the normal sized version.

Tomorrow I’m off shopping, so I’ll undoubtedly be posting pictures!

  • Ciara Baron

    Your hair looks lovely, and those nails are amazing!

  • Kirsten

    MANNNNNNNNN I wish I had seen a haircut like this a few weeks ago when I went to the hairdressers. This is exactly what I was picturing in my head but could never find any pics to show the hairdresser! Your hair is so aweseome 🙂

  • Kim Parslow

    Your hair looks amazing! That colour is gorgeous 🙂 I would love to do something like that to mine but I'm not sure my job would approve 🙁 xx

    sweet monday

  • Milly

    Aww, thanks guys 🙂 Although give it a few weeks and I'll be complaining its in my eyes all the time, no doubt!

    Kim – whereabouts do you work? Red hair is pretty common these days, so you could always start with a subtle tint and sneakily work your way to redder! 😀