Movie Monday – Tamara Drewe

Trying out what will hopefully become a regular blog feature – Movie Monday! I know, not an original concept, but I like alliteration and movie blogging is pretty much where I started off! Every week (likely written in advance on a Sunday, as Mondays are busy for me!), I’ll be talking about a movie I’ve watched that week, be it a new release or something dug up from the vaults of my DVD collection.

This week, I checked out British comedy drama Tamara Drewe, starring the rather stunning Gemma Arterton and ladies’ choice Dominic Cooper. Set in a sleepy Dorset village of Ewedown, journalist Tamara Drewe makes a stir when she returns to the place she grew up – complete with a new look and a new nose – and a fight for her affections begins to stir.

The comedy is on point throughout the film, particularly coming from two interfering teenage girls fed up with there being nothing to do in Ewedown, and also some real heartfelt scenes – particularly in the last ten minutes of the film. And not forgetting some serious ‘cringe’ moments involving adultering crime writer Nicholas Hardiman. It’s a fun, mischevious film with some brilliant writing and a strong cast, and it’s currently showing on BBC Iplayer, so if you’ve got a couple of Boxing Day hours to fill, Tamara Drewe is definitely worth a watch!

Check out the trailer if you’re not convinced yet!


Happy ‘turkey sandwiches’ day!!