Christmas Time!

Merry Christmas!

I’ve decided to jump back onto the blogwagon, after far too much time away. And instead of an ‘obligatory first post’ post, I’m diving straight in with a roundup of my fabulous Christmas!

Had a really nice day with the family – I’ve noticed that as I’ve got older, I seem to be a lot more at peace with the olds. Christmas dinner was slightly late, as my mother miscalculated the turkey cooking times!

On to the most exciting bit now though…the presents!! The big one was a new camera, it’s a Lumix 12 megapixel one, and it’s so good! It’s white as well, makes a change from the normal black! As well as that, here are some other highlights:

Clara Bow Glitter Courts, Schuh.

I first set my eyes on these beauties when I was shopping with James in Three Bridges, but at the time had no money to buy them, so I sent a link to my mother! I shall undoubtedly be wearing these at the family party on Tuesday and when I’m out on New Years, and the best thing after the sparkles and bows is the small heel! I’m horrendous with high shoes, but I’m determined to get into wearing them more, and these seem like a good start!

 Lip Jams, Beautifully British, ‘They’re Real’ mascara and ‘That Gal’ primer, both Benefit.

I was expecting the primer, as I’d asked for it, but the other two were a complete surprise! And after trying out the mascara, I have to say that my hunt for an amazing mascara has come to an end. Even after one coat, my lashes looked longer than they ever have, and I’ll never need to use falsies again. The lip jams were another unexpected but nice surprise – there are three flavours, Rhubarb, Blackcurrant and Strawberry. Unfortunately, the Rhubarb tastes absolutely vile, but the other two make up for it – the blackcurrant especially!

Pyjamas, Primark

Ahhh, my mother’s Christmas tradition of Primark PJs!  These ones are lovely though – soft and fleecy, and I can’t say no to leopard print!

Handbag and Hair Slides, New Look

From my awesome friend Milly (no, not myself!). I love these kind of bags at the moment, and the hairslides are the most adorable thing ever!
Perfume and body lotion gift set, Ed Hardy

Love, love, love Ed Hardy perfume – I bought exactly this set in the sales last January and it’s probably my ‘signature’ perfume, as I wear it a lot. The box will be brilliant for storing things in too!

Aside from those highlights, I also got various bath and body bits, chocolate, a Castle book, a Smirnoff Woo Woo cocktail set, and the usual pants and socks! Plus, money that I shall be spending in the sales later this week!

Merry Christmas!

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