Travel | The Five-Song Road Trip Playlist

Off road trippin’ this summer? After a working vehicle, copious snacks and excellent company, the next obvious necessity for any adventure cruisin’ down the highway (yes, I’m getting all American on y’all) is a road trip playlist of tunes that’ll… View Post

Theatre | American Idiot – The Green Day Musical

Can we take a minute to be amazed by the fact that Green Day’s American Idiot is TWELVE YEARS OLD. I remember picking it up when it came out, and it was one of the first story-telling concept albums I’d listened… View Post

Festivals | An Afternoon at Truck Festival 2016

As you definitely know, I love me some festival action. Following my previous weekend at 2000 Trees festival, the lovely folks at i heart Wines invited me to join them at Truck Festival in Oxfordshire. Obviously, I brought Conor along as… View Post

Beauty | Foundation & Lipstick For Bright Hair

In case you don’t follow me on Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat (you totally should, btw), recently I had a little bit of hair-dying fun after a few ciders and HELLO PINKY-RED LOCKS. Okay, it was meant to be purple but I’m definitely feelin’… View Post